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Viktor Ruksov
Sexual energetics 2

The effective work of the upper and lower forms is provided by the musculo-skeletal structure of the body. An important role is played by all the tissues of the body involved in the formation of the form. The greater the volume of the upper and lower forms in relation to the circumference of the press in the place of their contact, the more powerful the flow of energy they focus. Maintaining the ratio of forms provides a corset of the muscles and tendons of the abdominal press. The thinner the waist, the more powerful the flow of focused energy. If you add up all sources of energy, you can easily detect the relationship between the energy flows of space (the Sun, Space, Earth) and previously accumulated energy (plant and animal food). The more the energy system focuses the spatial energy flows into the abdominal region, the less it needs food. Masters of work with external energy flows are able to do almost without food, using the energy of the elements (air and water) as the base energy, and the energy of the space as the main energy.

Increasing the waist circumference in relation to the volume of the shoulder girdle and hips leads to an energy imbalance of the body, the ratio changes in the direction of falling share of space Qi, thereby increasing dependence on food.

Comparing the forms of the skeleton of men and women, there is a difference in the ratio of the volume of the upper and lower pyramidal forms: women often dominate the lower over the upper, in men – the upper over the lower. This difference in volume maintains the strength of the polarity.

Chapter 2. Polarity

Consumption of Qi from several sources made it possible to convert it into a more dense form of Jing. The system of such a transformation is built on the basis of the energy of the elements, the accumulated energy and the polar energy of space and is located in the place of its greatest concentration: in the lower part of the body. The Qi to Jing transformation system is necessary to start a new life. With a higher intensity, Jing is able to create a powerful energy field needed to start a new life. Jing can accumulate and quickly be released if necessary. The intensity of this release is several times higher than the intensity of release of Qi. Methods of accumulation of Qi and Jing differ significantly. The body in the form of nutrients accumulates Qi and the process of its release is chemical in nature. Jing accumulates in special reservoirs and the process of its release is of an energetic nature and is based on the interaction of opposite potentials.

Polarity is two states of energy that can change. Polarities are attracted to each other and tend to a state of equilibrium. In Taoism, the polar energy balance is called Tai-Ji and is denoted by the corresponding symbol:

The essence of the symbol is that the polarities are one and each of them contains a particle of the opposite. The symbol of Tai-Ji shows the equal ratio of female polar energies – Yin and male – Yang. The state of Tai-Ji provides for the fusion of two polar parts of the high-intensity Jing energy: Ying-Jing and Yang- Jing. In the eastern esoteric traditions, the balance of polar energies is considered as an ideal state to which all life aspires.


These words are puzzling to all who read the Old Testament. At first, we speak about one person: “And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him,” and then goes on: “He created them male and female.” Atheists laugh and sneer at this contradiction, they say whom he still created “him” or “them”?

The man originally created, was not alive, he was like God, and included both male and female principles. It was an energy substance that is in a state of polar equilibrium Yin and Yang. Speaking in terms of Christianity, at first, man was created as a soul that combined in itself a male and female principle: “man and woman created them.”

God himself is the same energy substance. There is no reason to identify God the Creator and man in the flesh, respectively; the images of God the Creator in human form contradict the Old Testament.

The Christian concept of “soul” describes in a certain way an organized energy that does not have materialization and makes it possible to understand many phenomena that cannot be described using other terms.

Man in the flesh was created after the creation of the energetic substance or soul.

To organize the energy substance required form. It was made “from the dust of the earth” or of elements on the surface of the planet Earth. The form or body of a person allowed holding the soul and receiving spatial energy. The form is the basic tool necessary for interaction with any kind of energy. Reproduction from the dust of the earth is a process similar to that used in the terrestrial plant world. Plants in the process of growth receive essential nutrients from the earth. The creation of man from the dust of the earth can in its essence be analogous to the cultivation of a plant.

After that, life was launched: “breathing into him the breath of life” By these words is meant the start of the process of life with the help of breathing, as a way of feeding Qi with elements.

Before the start of the breathing process, a person was not a living soul!

The breath became the process that triggered life.

The first breath of a child at birth is the moment he finds a living soul.

The last exhalation before death is the moment of loss by the body of the living soul, which passes into its original state, approaching God.

Breath is life.

Modern studies of the state of clinical death confirm the fact that the soul has left the physical body and its existence beyond its limits as a rational energy substance capable of seeing and assessing what is happening and moving in space. Moreover, it is important that everything the soul remember. From this, it follows that the human mind belongs to the soul, which uses the resources of the living body to ensure its work during its stay in it.

The word “made” means the formation of a balanced intensive energy field of vital energy Qi. The word “a garden” refers to a complex of energy and natural conditions under which life can arise and exist based on external energy, without spending any effort to receive it. The locality of Eden was probably suitable for this purpose, therefore it was chosen for the making a garden. It was necessary to place a person there in order to adapt him to the conditions of life on the planet, which were more severe than in paradise.

However, being in paradise, possibly due to the gradual decrease in the intensity of Qi, showed that a person cannot be reproduced in one individual under such conditions.

Man was originally a system that produced a perfect cell, which under certain conditions could independently create a new life. However, in the real world, it turned out that a person in one individual could not cope with the continuation of life; therefore, it was necessary to divide into two individuals.

The words “it is not good for the man to be by himself” means that a person in one body did not cope with the process of reproducing life; he needed an assistant who was identical in his characteristics.

The process of the formation of animals and birds from the land demanded incarnation or naming. This process is described in modern quantum physics. This is the first measurement necessary for the existence of the phenomenon. The name described the process and was a prerequisite for the existence of a new one.

Subsequently, the process of creation is deciphered in the Gospel of John.

The naming described in the Old Testament was a necessary condition for the existence of any phenomenon. The word was the instrument that made it possible to make a name.

Thus, the man created by God in His image took direct part in the creation of living nature.

In the process of naming, an attempt was made to select a partner for man among the created living beings, but this was not found. Probably, the human energy system turned out to be unique and could not be combined with one another; therefore, the person was divided into two individuals of different sexes.

From this point on, the name, Adam appears in the text of the Old Testament. The appearance of the name Adam is the reincarnation of man – as the carrier of a perfect cell into another form. The presence of the name Adam speaks of the complete loss of a person’s ability to regenerate through a perfect cell and his father’s status.

These lines describe exactly how a person was divided into two sexes. The person was put to sleep; they took a bone from him and raised the flesh of his wife. The man up to this point was a perfect bisexual entity; in him were both a man and a woman. After separation, the wife was brought to a man who lost a bone after this operation. The word “bone” can be understood to mean a part of the structure, like DNA, that a person possessed after creation from the dust of the earth.

After removal of the bone, the man divided into husband and wife. On the basis of a more complex system capable of independently reproducing life, two more simple ones were created, which made it possible to increase the amount of energy necessary for the reproduction of life twice. The elements of these systems were similar. The man originally created by God, in the process of such separation, lost part of the perfect structure of the cell and could not reproduce life without a wife in the future.

Under the words “joined to his wife; and they will be one flesh” implies the process of uniting the previously separated systems. The word “joined” means physical proximity to create one energy system similar to the one before separation. Integration into one energy flesh or entering into the state of Tai-Ji is a prerequisite for the reproduction of a new life.

As a result of the separation, the husband and wife became the carriers of their own part of the perfect cell, preparing each of its elements separately for unification. Their polar systems turned out to be similar to each other, being in a state of energy balance.

The energy identity of the husband and wife turned out to be a problem; they did not attract each other for unification into one system.

“And there were both naked” means to be in balance and harmony with the energies of Paradise.

The words “and were not ashamed” mean that their condition was completely energy stable, did not require any actions, they came in harmony with themselves and with the surrounding nature.

This state was good, but it did not allow the energy systems of Adam and his wife to see in each other the parts of a divided whole that required unification into one flesh.

The serpent who spoke to his wife probably knew the essence of the problem and saw its resolution, but did not have the authority to correct the situation, so he began to act on his own, for which he paid later on with expulsion from Garden.

The creators of man did not have a clear plan and the intervention of the serpent turned the situation into the direction of shifting the polar balance with the help of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

After eating the fruit of the wife there was a change in polar balance.

The forbidden fruits that my wife tasted were the elements that brought her Jing out of Tai Ji balance. She probably ate enough of her energy system to acquire the ability to accumulate a large amount of Jing and acquire excess polarity Yin. Adam, who tasted the fruit after his wife, also gained an ability to accumulate, but in a somewhat smaller volume (perhaps the wife went too far with eating the fruit and Adam got a little). The small amount of accumulating Jing gave Adam the ability to quickly transform the accumulated Jing from the Yin phase into the Yang phase. This gave him the opportunity to periodically generate high-intensity Yang Jing potential.

Having gained the ability to accumulate Jing, Adam and his wife realized their nakedness. This means that they have experienced in themselves a special energy system, which previously did not have an overabundance of one polarity and lack of another. Jing’s wife’s generator acquired ying-jing’s excess potential, and Adam gained yang-jing’s.

Life on Earth was created by the supreme divine reason, which created in the conditions of the incubator – Garden many diverse forms and adapted them to existence beyond its borders. For a certain period, the higher mind interacted with man in the process of creation, and in the future, for disobedience, man was deprived of the opportunity to promote the higher mind and was expelled from Garden. It is possible that human actions destroyed a balanced system and caused energy imbalance. The fruits on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil could be necessary elements that ensure the functioning of Garden. Without them, the polar balance of the system was lost and the level of clean energy began to decrease.

Up to the moment when the saturation of energy was reduced, the concentration of Qi in Eden was so high that life could be easily maintained only on the systems of respiration and absorption of the energy of space. A recycling system for secondary Qi probably also existed, but was used only marginally.

The process of creating life was not long; the further life on Earth went evolutionary way.

How was Garden planted? How did you manage to concentrate life Qi in one place? If people manage to recreate this system, they will be able to live without food in the form familiar to us. Creating energy systems to support life, a person will be able to explore outer space, colonizing the planets suitable for this. In this way, the higher mind that created life on Earth acted.

Those hotheads, who decided at today’s level of knowledge in the field of life energy, to colonize other planets, should concentrate part of their forces on creating a system capable of producing it.

In Eden, there was a polar equilibrium. Yin and Yang were in harmony and were in a state of Tai-Ji. Without Eden, an equilibrium of polarities and a high intensity of Qi were absent, which required a complex system of production, accumulation and transformation of energy. The system of further reproduction of life without Eden required the generation of high-intensity Qi (Jing) in a large volume. Within the limits of one individual, it was impossible to solve this problem. One individual could not accumulate in large volumes and in the process of reproducing a new life to maintain a high-intensity ying jing while simultaneously maintaining a high-intensity yang-jing, therefore complex systems were divided into two individuals of different sexes. Those systems that coped with the generation of a sufficient amount of Jing remained within one individual. Most of them are representatives of the plant world, who have a high ability to efficiently convert the energy of space.