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Viktor Ruksov
Sexual energetics 2

The description of the energetic processes occurring in the human body is built on concepts borrowed from the philosophy of Taoism. Some terms are simplified, some are created on their semantic basis. The purpose of these changes and innovations is to describe the purpose of certain organs, systems and processes in terms of sexual energy.

While reading the book, I suggest you conduct a personal research. Once in a crowded place, find a man of the opposite sex, who will seem to you the cutest. Try to answer the question what exactly attracts you: the face, shape, legs or shape of any part of the body; maybe it’s voice, gait or demeanor. Describe and highlight in priority order the three most significant features. This study concerns your energy compatibility.

Sexual energetic 2

(From the author)

Sexual Energetics 1, released in early 2019, was my first experience creating a book. Work period: second half of November 2018 – second half of January 2019. The writing process was like an insight: thoughts came to mind by themselves, and you had to concentrate on having time to type them on the laptop keyboard. This speed has caused many errors. It would be possible to order proofreading from the publisher, but at that moment – it didn’t bother me at all. The purpose was to convey information.

Looking back, I can’t understand where more than half of the ideas came from. The whole picture was assembled from separate fragments, and they miraculously formed into a single whole. The materials for writing the book that I had before turned out to be either unclaimed or completely refuted by the new ones.

My passion for writing a book completely ruined my small business. Thus ended the 10-year marathon of entrepreneurial activity, consisting of ups and downs, and in the last 2 years – from the continuous struggle for survival.

The search for a job took 2 days. So, a few weeks after the publication of the book, I joined the team of the young company Aquadar. The new environment and activity associated with providing people with high-quality drinking water turned out to be extremely interesting. The cycle of collective relations and the new situation pushed the continuation of work on the book for a sufficiently long period.

The stay in the state of observation and comprehension of what was written continued until December 2019. It is difficult to say what exactly was the impetus for the continuation of the work, but approximately at the same period as a year ago, the book began to be supplemented as if from nowhere. Overlapping with my experiences, precisely those topics that were revealed superficially began to develop. Sometimes it seems to me that the book began to interfere in my life. It throwing up events and emotions associated with them where there was not enough information.

The 2nd edition has an English version created with the help of a translation program. It is supplemented by 2 and 6 chapters. The rest of the material is edited and slightly modified. The English version is as close as possible to the Russian version, therefore it has a presentation form that is not quite correct for the perception of the English reader. Please submit all suggestions, wishes and comments on the polarenergetics page on Facebook.

Chapter 1. Energy Basics


Energy is everywhere, the sun gives energy to light, any material object possesses it, it is in the air and in the water, and it is inside of us. A man from ancient times uses energy, transforming it into a convenient form. Plants and animals use sunlight, as the main source of energy on Earth, without it, life would be impossible. The energy of the sun for us is the source of vitality.

The sun is in the active phase, it constantly radiates huge energy flows, which are delivered in the form of light waves to the Earth. The entire flora of our planet draws most of the energy from this source. Due to the plant world, there is a human and a large part of the animal world. Many animals, along with plants, are effectively enough able to use the energy of the sun and their life directly depends on it. When solar energy is low, they slow down all life processes to a minimum, when its volume increases – accelerate. Insects, reptiles, amphibians and some mammals are directly dependent on solar energy.

The fauna, which has adapted to existence in the conditions of energy shortage, is forced to obtain food for itself, using previously accumulated energy. Herbivores eat plants, carnivores eat animals. Regular nutrition allows them to accumulate, store and quickly receive vital energy from stocks when a need arises. The digestive system will perform the function of indirect solar energy consumption. It, thanks to the diversity and abundance of the plant and animal world of the Earth, supplanted in humans the system of direct consumption of solar energy. This system exists, but is practically not used by man.

Since ancient times, people have learned to make fire, thus transforming the energy of the Sun, accumulated by plants, into a useful form. Any atomic structure is a clot of energy. In the past few centuries, people have been actively using the energy accumulated by plants thousands of years ago and turned into oil and coal. The modern world cannot be imagined without these sources, they have given people the opportunity to make a technological breakthrough and reach a qualitatively new level of development. The basis of progress is the invention of machines capable of converting natural energy into a form useful for humans. It was man who was able to curb and put at his service the energy of nature. Machines for energy conversion are quite complex systems, the same system of energy conversion, is the man himself.

Living beings inhabiting the earth, like machines invented by humans, are systems for transforming external energy into a universal form that feeds the organism. Life exists due to the presence of this particular form of energy.

How does the human body receives the necessary life energy?

In ancient times, a special kind of energy used by man was noticed in China. This energy was given the name – Qi. This is a special – a vital form of energy used to sustain life.

Qi is all around us; it is in the air, in the water, in matter. Qi can manifest itself in the form of Yang and accumulate in the form of Yin, seeking to achieve a state of equilibrium of the polarities of Tai-Ji. This property of Qi was the cause of the formation of matter. Solar, electric, thermal energy is a manifestation of Yang. The movement of air masses, water, electrons around atoms, any manifestation of life is also Yang.

The first source of energy for the animal world is the Qi of elements. Qi delivers oxygen in the air and in the water. The process of obtaining energy is based on its interaction with other elements in the process of chemical oxidation reactions. Of great importance in which, in addition to oxygen, carbon and nitrogen play. If you look at the periodic table, we will see their neighborhood. These elements have unique properties: they are able, to give and transfer Qi energy precisely in the form in which it is absorbed by plants and living organisms, to be together with other elements of the basis for building complex systems, including intellectual ones. Qi, as an elementary energy, can be of different density or saturation, and our body is able to use it only in a certain form. Oxygen, which is part of air or water, has the property of its transfer. Organisms that use this chemical element for life support have a system of organs whose work is aimed at its transformation. Breathing is the basis of life without it, the existence of man is impossible. The energy of respiration can be called basic, but the volume of this energy is not enough, so a person, like all living things, needs additional sources of it.

Food is the second largest for humans and the first in terms of energy source. It is a trace element, plant and animal foods.

Plants and animals accumulate energy in themselves in the form in which it can be used by humans or other living beings. For its accumulation, the second most important chemical element for life, carbon, is often used. It contributes to the accumulation and conservation of Qi energy, giving it away due to chemical transformations. Combustion, fermentation, photosynthesis – these are processes associated with the chemical interaction of carbon and oxygen, as a result, energy is released. Plants and animals use in life and accumulate energy in the same form in which we use it. Consuming them for food, people use the elementary Qi they have saved. Any biological system is an energy storage device. Humanity is still using for industrial purposes hydrocarbons created by living organisms in the distant past.

The digestive system is a biochemical reactor, which is a complex in which, in addition to human systems, more than 10 thousand bacteria are involved, each of which has its own DNA. Food processing in this system takes place using chemical compounds synthesized by the digestive organs and the bacterial environment. This leads to the release of previously accumulated by other organisms nutrients that enter the body and are converted into energy at the cellular level, ensuring its needs. Nutrients, obtained in excess, are stored in a special way for later use.

In Eastern esoteric traditions, the abdomen area is called the boiler. This is a place of energy conversion. If in this area, in any way deliver additional Qi – the body can use it. This principle is based on the eastern esoteric techniques of working with energy: Indian Yoga, and Chinese Tao. People who possess the skills of delivering the energy of space to their cauldron need less food and have more vitality.

The energy of space comes from the Sun, from space and is generated by the Earth. For a person, this is the third largest source of energy. The amount of Qi coming from it depends on the shape of the body and how it is attracted. A person has the ability to use energy from this source, but going on about the built-in bacterial system, prefers to feed along with it secondary Qi.

For the plant world, the energy extracted from this source is in the first place in terms of volume and value. Plants transform three types of energy: space, air, and chemical elements. The bulk of the spatial energy comes from the sun. Carbon is absorbed from the air. Chemical elements are extracted from the earth and air using water. The main process of energy production for plants is photosynthesis. The resulting energy is converted into thin Qi and accumulated by plants during growth.

Many representatives of the animal world have learned to be content with small, some have enough breathing to sustain life. Insects can go without food for months, dormant, reptiles, amphibians and some mammals hibernate, during which all life processes in their bodies slow down to a minimum, during this period they use the energy of breathing and previously accumulated reserves.

Qi is a special energy that is easily assimilated and used by living beings, and all living beings are biological systems that consume it. The sun emits the energy obtained as a result of a thermonuclear reaction, but this form of it requires processing into a thinner variety suitable for consumption by living organisms. The light that comes from the Sun is not Qi – it is rather a vehicle by which huge amounts of energy are delivered to Earth in a concentrated form, where it is subsequently consumed. Qi is the energy released after the processing of light, easier for living beings to consume. The main work on the processing of light energy, make plants, they directly turn light into Qi and accumulate it.

Qi also comes directly from space, but this energy requires special methods of trapping, which are much more complicated than absorbing the concentrated energy of sunlight. This energy is dispersed in space, and its amount is small to fully meet the needs of most biological systems of our planet.

The existence of elementary energy is confirmed by modern scientific research. Modern physics has managed to catch a particle of this energy. If a person finds a way to control elementary Qi, he will get unlimited possibilities, completely eliminating the secondary consumption of previously accumulated energy.

Separately, we should mention the water, it uses all living things. Water is able as a battery to hold Qi for a certain time and deliver it to the right place. Water is easy both to charge with energy, and to discharge. No wonder that fairy tales mention living and dead water. Living water gives off energy, while dead water absorbs it. Psychics and healers to use for their own purposes learned this extraordinary property of water. Studies have shown that water reacts to human speech, which is emotionally colored in a certain way. In the relationship of the sexes, water is also of great importance. It can transfer energy charge.

Water has the ability to capture and preserve cosmic Qi. Priests of Christian churches noticed this feature. They actively use water for various ceremonies. Probably, in a certain period (in the second half of January), the water is subjected to a powerful influence of Qi. The question remains open: where does this energy come from, either the planet itself radiates it, or the Earth falls into a powerful stream of cosmic energy. Without instruments capable of fixing Qi, it is almost impossible to determine. Water can receive both streams of energy that enter into the process of polar interaction. Thus, the water receives a pure, balanced quality energy of Tai-Ji.

If during this period water is put inside the form that best concentrates energy, the water can accumulate a powerful charge, becoming literally alive. In this context, fairy tales about the return of a person to life with the help of living water look quite real. It is quite possible that water can somehow acquire the absorption properties of any free Qi. Once in a living organism, such water is able to take its Qi energy.

Speaking of forms capable of charging water, it should be noted that the unique properties of the pyramids have long been established. It is also likely that the domed form of church temples, like the pyramid, focuses energy inside the temple. Thus, all the rituals with water produced by the priests in such premises really have a powerful energy character.

People and animals, unlike plants in significantly smaller volumes, capture the energy of space, so they need food that is saturated with Qi available to them.

How does each of the sources contribute to the overall energy of a person?

– The distribution may be different. The approximately constant volume of Qi comes through the energy of the elements in the process of breathing. Volumes obtained from other sources may vary significantly.

The energy of Qi, being inside the energy system using it, can be accumulated and transformed into a more saturated (dense) form. People paid attention to this feature of energy back in antiquity. In India, concentrated and saturated energy is called Kundalini, in Tibet – Jing. The production of this energy is necessary for the continuation of life; bisexual species of living organisms especially need it. Jing can move through the body, using energy channels, providing the energy needs of all related systems. Practicing energy types of meditation allows you to feel the movement of energy, especially along large channels. One of these is the control channel that runs along the spine. This path of energy movement begins in the crotch area and rises to the crown. The capacity of the control channel is the highest, so everyone can learn to realize the movement of energy through it and even control it. The energy system of the body is constructed in such a way that a large amount of energy, if necessary, can flow along any part of it and in any direction. This feature explains how differently organized energy meditation systems work, for example, Yoga and Qigong. During meditation, the brain indicates which way to follow the energy, and the neurons perceive the sensations from its movement. The Taoist thesis “Where the mind is, there is Qi” explains the ability of a person to control the movement of energy in the body and beyond by the power of consciousness.

The form

Plants and animals are able to absorb Qi directly from space, and some plants use this ability quite effectively. We are talking about evergreen conifers capable of surviving in harsh conditions. For example, pine and spruce are able to receive significant volumes of Qi directly from space. They produce enough energy for evergreen existence. Pine, spruce and other conifers are among the most ancient. The age of the oldest pine is more than 5 thousand years (Pine spiny intermountain grows in California USA). The age of spruce vegetatively propagated exceeds 9 thousand years (it grows in Sweden).

Perhaps in ancient times the space was saturated with Qi and all living things consumed it with ease, but over time the amount of elementary Qi began to gradually decrease and the flora and fauna evolved, adapting to the conditions of reducing the volume of free Qi. Plants, formed a special form and mastered photosynthesis, animals adapted to extract this energy from plants by consuming them for food and mastered the use of oxygen in the air or in water. Some plants have learned to effectively use free Qi space, which, thanks to a special form, can maintain a green crown even in harsh winter conditions. The form, for the free energy of Qi, is organizing. Pine and spruce has a pointed pyramidal shape, which attracts large volumes of Qi space. In the period of winter dormancy, this energy is enough to sustain life. This form allows not only to survive in harsh conditions, but also to live longer than other trees.

Not only plants have the ability to capture and accumulate free Qi. Qi is located in the atmosphere of the Earth attract and accumulate clouds. The shape of the cloud attracts, and the water molecules retain Qi entering the Earth from outer space. A certain period of Qi to be in the cloud in the form of Yin, but with the approach to any object with a polarity of Yang, the accumulated Qi is converted to another form and manifests itself in the form of lightning.

Form organizes free energy. Any matter is a form of Qi organization, which is in the passive Yin phase, its transition to the active phase is accompanied by a dynamic burst of energy.

The form is the main energy tool for any living being. All plants and animals have a form, and their energy structure directly depends on it. In addition, inside the form there may be small forms dependent on it, which transform and accumulate the energy of another, more dense level. The compaction of energy is a process occurring everywhere in the universe; it led to the emergence of all material. Look at the variety of forms of animate and inanimate nature – the same diversity reigns in their energy structures.

People from antiquity noticed that a certain form affects the processes occurring inside it. According to one of the theories of scientists, the physical vacuum and material objects that have a spatial-geometric structure distort the linear structure of the physical vacuum, which is a medium with a wave structure. The response of the physical vacuum is a change in its spin state, which corresponds to the appearance of torsion fields. All objects of the world around us are form-building structures that generate torsion fields. Man is also a complex set of torsion generators, from the cellular level to more general energy systems.

A special place among the variety of forms is occupied by pyramidal structures, which in addition to the impact on the surrounding space, the torsion fields generated by them, are a connecting link that perceives the cosmic torsion currents and the energy generated by man, the environment and the Earth. For example, the ancient pyramids were energy constructions and were built in such a way that they had the following properties: mummification, tissue regeneration, water structuring, they concentrated the cosmic energy like a lens and sent the seismic vibrations of the Earth into space. The properties of the pyramids were actively used in antiquity. In the modern world, the pyramids have lost some of their properties due to reduced energy flows.

The pyramid stands on the Yin base, which is the planet Earth. The top of the pyramid concentrates the potential of Yin. When approaching the top of the Yin system, it becomes the Yang in relation to it and transfers the energy potential to it. The top of the pyramid in relation to Yang active energy, located above it, is Yin and can attract and carry it through its structure. In the presence of Yang flow from space, going through the top of the pyramid, inside its structure a ball of balanced polar energy Tai Ji is formed. This ball can be used, and energy in a special way to accumulate. Those who built them used this property of the pyramids to power their needs.

Why did they make tombs in the ancient pyramids?

– The tombs in the pyramids were constructed to maintain, with the aid of a Tai Ji ball, soul activity that left the body after death. Perhaps the souls of the pharaohs resting in them to this day periodically arrive at the pyramids for recharging, and unknown substances feed on their peaks with energy.