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Gena Showalter

★ When a spirit is drained of Lifeblood.

★ Myriad believes a spirit is Fused to another spirit(s) in order to return to the Land of the Harvest; Troika believes a spirit enters into the Rest forevermore.


The one you follow decides the roads you take.

★ One of two sons of the Firstking; Eron the Prince of Doves, and Ambrosine the Prince of Ravens.

★ Ruler of a realm.

The Rest—

Peace beyond all understanding awaits.

★ Troikans believe a spirit enters into this state of absolute tranquillity after Second-death, forever separated from the realms…with a few exceptions.

The Resurrection—

And so the dead shall rise again.

★ Once every year, Troika holds a vote; one spirit within the Rest is brought back to spirit-life.

★ The winner must exit the Rest even if he or she wishes to remain.


Justice, equality, freedom of choice.

★ The realm of Light, ruled by the Secondking Eron, the Prince of Doves.

★ Untouched by gloom, where hard work isn’t an expectation but a way of life, equality isn’t an ideal but a standard and fear isn’t a treasured friend but a hated foe…logic always trumps emotion…people are governed by a strict set of rules, and violators are punished.

★ Motto: Light Brings Sight.


Without hope, there can be no joy.

★ A human who fails to make covenant with Troika or Myriad before Firstdeath.

★ Damned to spend the Everlife inside Many Ends.


All who enter are welcome.

★ A doorway leading into and out of an Everlife realm.


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