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Gena Showalter

What is isn’t always what’s supposed to be.

★ A human life (i.e. a spirit encased inside a body).

★ Dress rehearsal for the Everlife.


The end is merely the beginning.

★ The demise of a human body.

★ Occurs the moment a spirit cuts ties with its body.


Believing a lie does not make it a truth.

★ A Myriadian belief that a spirit is joined to another spirit (or even multiple spirits) after Second-death to be reborn in the Land of the Harvest.

★ Disputed by Troikans.


Learn the way, go the way, show the way.

★ Next in command under the Secondking.

★ Those who oversee specific teams of Leaders, Headhunters, Laborers and Messengers within the realms.

★ Responsible for planning battle strategies and leading armies into war.


Clear the way, make the paths straight.

★ One of six main positions within the realms, directly under Leader.

★ Responsible for returning to the Land of the Harvest to convince select humans to make covenant with their realm of choice.

★ ML, the term for a Myriadian Laborer; TL, the term for a Troikan Laborer.

Land of the Harvest—

We shall sow, and we shall reap.

★ Earth, home to humans.


A helpmate is more valuable than diamonds.

★ Assistants to the Generals.

★ Responsible for delegating assignments to all other sub-positions within the realms.

Many Ends—

Ignore your future, pay the price.

★ The realm where Unsigned are imprisoned after Firstdeath.

★ Where happiness goes to die and nightmares come to terrible life.


Harken and deliver the good news.

★ One of six main positions within the realms, directly under Laborer.

★ Responsible for teaching humans about the realms, protecting others from the enemy and chronicling exploits within and without the realm.


Autonomy, bliss, indulgence.

★ The dark realm, ruled by the Prince of Ravens.

★ Magical forests whisper enchanted tales, and secrets lurk in every corner…self-indulgence is revered, and the party never stops…victors are adored and failures are abhorred…emotion always trumps logic.

★ Motto: Might Equals Right.


In the dark, the blind lead the blind.

★ A disease born and spread in darkness, capable of draining Troikans of Light.

★ Origin and cure unknown.


Home is where the heart is nourished or starved.

★ Kingdoms in the Everlife: Troika, Myriad and Many Ends.


Another end, another new beginning.