The Last Cat: Beyond the Stars

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Добавлено 01.07.2019
Автор: Tatyana Feeney
Жанр: Детская фантастика
Год издания: 2019
Оценка: 0.0
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A gorgeous short story from the collection, BEYOND THE STARS, written and illustrated by two great Irish talents in children’s fiction todayAs battle rages beyond the castle walls and soldiers fall like flies, the king despairs. His kingdom is crumbling around him, and he has lost his fighting spirit. His people know that without that, they will surely lose the war.While the bombs fall and arrows rain down, a black cat wanders silently amongst them, invisible but for her footprints in the snow. Only she may pass unnoticed through the deserted courtyards and along the empty corridors and snow-covered battlements of the once-bustling palace. For she has taken a silent vow to protect the princess who once saved her from drowning as a kitten. Watching her at play, lonely as can be, the cat knows she can never abandon her charge; she must help her and the young prince find each other, even if she is the last one remaining.A beautifully crafted tale by a highly regarded author with delicate illustrations to match by one of Ireland’s rising stars.

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