Hot Obsidian

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Добавлено 14.08.2022
Автор: Olga McArrow
Жанр: Фэнтези про драконов
Год издания: 2022
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Everyone knows Lifekeepers, the warriors of mercy, those who bring light and justice to the darkest corners of the world where even stable magic does not reach. But few know the Order of the Hot Obsidian, a small but ancient group of cultists running the Lifekeepers as a mere facade for their own agenda. Well, this book is about them. Them and the ten boys they send on a mission, knowing that only one of them will survive in the end. We will learn about Kangassk’s father and mysterious the Hora thief along the way as well. “Hot Obsidian” is the second book of Obsidian Trilogy but, since it explains the same events from the other side of the conflict, you can read it before “Cold Obsidian” just fine.

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