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A. Belyaev
Classics fantasy – 5

For the third day Adam calmed down. It ceased to go. Sat down on a floor in a corner, a back to light, put a chin on the raised knees and as if stiffened. It touched nobody any more. To it doctors and scientists entered, but he sat silently, not answering questions and without moving. And still ate nothing, but greedy drank.

Adam began to grow thin extraordinary quickly. In the evenings it began to be in a fever. He sat, knocking teeth, covered cold then. Cough began to torment him soon, and during fits of coughing blood even more often began to be shown.

Doctors swung the heads:

– Transient consumption… These mountain inhabitants so difficult adapt to air of valleys…

One night after the most severe fit of coughing blood suddenly rushed from his throat and filled in all half of the room. Adam fell to a floor. He died…

When he recovered after a faint, he quietly and hoarsely asked the doctor:

– There … – And he showed the door.

The doctor understood. Adam wants on air. Perhaps, last time to look at the sky. He choked. But unless it is possible to take out the heavy pulmonary patient in crude autumn night on air, under a drizzle!

The doctor negatively shook the head.

Adam looked at him with plaintive eyes of the dying dog.

– No, no. To you it is harmful, Adam … – And, having addressed the hospital attendant, the doctor gave an order: – A pillow with oxygen…

Oxygen prolonged Adam’s tortures till the morning. In the morning when the pale beam of the sun lit a white wall, having drawn on it with a shadow a window lattice, something like a smile, same pale as a beam, flashed on Adam’s lips. It began an agony. He occasionally cried out some unclear words… He did not pronounce any French word.

At ten hours twenty minutes mornings Adam died. And at one o’clock in the afternoon the official notice that Adam needs to be discharged from hospital as it is decided to send it to the Himalayas was received…

* * *

– After all he well made that he hurried to die – without hiding joy, the anatomist said, starting anatomization of a corpse of Adam.

Any corpse was not so carefully prepared. Everything was measured, weighed, carefully recorded. Opening – gave a lot of extremely interesting. Apendix was very big sizes. Muskulus erectus cocigum was clearly allocated, muscles of ears were very developed. Brain… About Adam’s brain professor Likorn wrote the whole volume. Adam’s skeleton was carefully built, placed in a glass show-window and put in the museum with an inscription:


In the first days in the museum at a show-window with Adam’s skeleton crowded to many people. Among visitors curious looks marked out Clotilda de Troyes and the famous actress…

Adam stopped being dangerous to «cultural» society and began to serve science…



The investigator Paolo Minetti carelessly threw eye-glasses on the opened «business», carried out by the left palm on a high forehead, the aquiline nose acting from red, thick cheeks and clamped the turning gray small beard.

– Take away it!.

Three carabineers, with checkers bare, in a black form with red edgings and in the cocked hats decorated with feathers took away the arrested – the young man in a working suit, with a suntanned face on which the prison already put a grayish raid.

Having remained one, the investigator slowly lit a long sigarette, drank from a glass ice water with red wine and wearily looked in a window. The window lattice stood out on the sparkling surface of the Mediterranean Sea clearly. In the distance the Pisa hills became blue.

Minetti brushed away the flies who chose his moist forehead and annoyancely grunted.

Already two weeks as sits in this hole – Voltaire, caused here for interrogation of five defendants placed in the local prison similar to the medieval castle with chambers cages for solitary confinement.

Minetti, the inveterate theater-goer and the passionate fan of music, was upset up to the soul depth when he was called from Livorno in the heat of tours of the Milan opera here.

But, having examined business, he was consoled. Business was interesting and promised for his career in a case of a successful outcome much.

For it was already honor that charged to carry on the investigation to it. Loud political process was coming.

At journey of the Italian prime minister on the car through Siena in it the shot from crowd which did not do harm was made. The police of public safety which appeared in time on the scene arrested, on suspicion, five people and seized a material evidence – the revolver thrown on the earth. But who exactly made a shot, it was not succeeded to find out. At anybody of arrested of weapon it was not found.

It was not succeeded to establish also accessories any of them to some «criminal political organization».

It is clear, that at such provision of business it was impossible to bring charge to all five. It was necessary to get more weighty proofs by all means. But how?. Personal recognition would be best of all. However, despite all the experience, on all professional tricks and tricks, Minetti could not achieve recognition. All five arrested categorically denied the participation in attempt at life of the prime minister and at the same time watched at the investigator such innocent eyes that he flew into a rage.

– Or all of them are cunning fellows and shot five together from one revolver, or… or the sixth shot, the devil all of them a pobera!. – Minetti muttered, having remained one ambassador of interrogation.

Time went… The going on tour troupe left Livorno long ago, but the hell with her – another will arrive. The fourteenth day passed also fruitlessly, as well as thirteen previous, however, not absolutely so. This day from Rome the inquiry was sent whether Minetti will complete the investigation soon and will submit the case to Tribunal.

It is already worse. One more such inquiry, and Minetti can withdraw, and to send other investigator to his place. And then – farewell dreams of the transfer to Rome or Turin… It is good if do not transfer with decrease, to Kalta-nizetta somewhere yet or Sassari where you will be bored to death…

From one this thought of Minetti felt that he begins migraine.

It is necessary to work quickly, resolutely.

– Oh, damned flies!. – The investigator took out a red fulyarovy scarf and threw with it the head. – Idiophone!. – he spoke, smiled to some thought and negatively shook the head.

The scarf thrown over the head reminded him the story of the old inspector of prison that the local candidate for judicial positions, signor Berichi, invented the device by means of which it is possible «to listen to others thoughts» – an idiophone.

The metal cap from which go a wire to phone is put on the head…

– The nonsense is some! – spoke aloud Minetti. – And however, than I risk? Though I will have a good time a little. Grew dull absolutely! – And it, having called the inspector of prison, asked to invite signor Berichi with his device.


Signor Berichi did not keep itself waiting long. In half an hour the door with noise revealed, and to the room the inventor of an idiophone with a sac in hands ran in.

Minetti expected to see the silent, concentrated person, one of those maniacs who puzzle over a quadrature of a circle or invent the perpetual motion machine. But before it span cheerful, live as a monkey, the dark-haired, curly Neapolitan. Whether it is a mistake?

However the guest hurried to disseminate doubts of the investigator.

– I am very glad to get acquainted… Беричи… that!. Here mine child.

And, having strong shaken hands the investigator, smiling from ear to ear, sparkling white teeth, for a minute without stopping, Berichi began to take out «idiophone» from a sac.

– There is a metal cap… It is put on the head of the person, whose thoughts you want to learn. Very useful piece for investigators and jealous husbands. I will declare the patent and I will put to myself in a pocket one million liras!.

At the same time Berichi so derisively shchurit eyes that it was impossible to understand whether he speaks seriously or mystifies, wishing to play a cheerful joke.