Sara Douglass
Starman: Book Three of the Axis Trilogy

Starman: Book Three of the Axis Trilogy
Sara Douglass

Epic fantasy in the tradition of Trudi Canavan, Fiona McIntosh and Robert Jordan. StarMan concludes the first Tencendor trilogy with an unexpected and glorious climax.Weakened by their terrible encounter with Borneheld’s men, Axis and his army are forced to march north as Gorgrael breaks through Jervois Landing and invades Tencendor with ice and terror. But under a sky black with Gryphon, Axis discovers that he’s confronting a seemingly invincible enemy.As the Prophecy of the Destroyer hurtles towards fulfilment, Azhure and StarDrifter unravel the mysteries of the Island of Mist and Memory, where they finally confront WolfStar; Faraday moves east to replant the ancient forests of Tencendor; and the Sentinels begin a lonely journey planned for them thousands of years ago.Enveloping all looms the promise of treachery – treachery that threatens to strike into the very heart of Axis and Azhure’s family.

Sara Douglass


Book Three of The Axis Trilogy

For Lynne, Tim and Frances, and with thanks to

Louise Thurtell and Fiona Daniels of

HarperCollins for all their hard work on

this trilogy.

Nothing but idiot gabble!

For the prophecy given of old

And then not understood,

Has come to pass as foretold;

Not let any man think for the public good,

But babble, merely for babble.

For I never whisper’d a private affair

Within the hearing of cat or mouse,

No, not to myself in the closet alone,

But I heard it shouted at once from the top of the house;

Everything came to be known.

Who told him we were there?

Not that gray old wolf, for he came not back

From the wilderness, full of wolves, where he used to lie;

He has gather’d the bones for his o’ergrown whelp to crack;

Crack them now for yourself, and howl, and die.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson,

from Part II.v of Maud

Table of Contents

Cover Page (#u0432af05-c97a-5a89-b80f-4504742d2503)

Title Page (#uc84d0ddf-2c84-5d8d-a96a-06a3f9db38b4)

Dedication (#u051e5744-0649-573b-a441-e5e68e0a91a2)

Epigraph (#ua4c7fd38-1e61-5156-aa32-288080d3fe0a)

Map (#u68526d9f-eac4-5c23-ae81-31d7775deddf)

The Prophecy of the Destroyer (#u60a0de60-875a-5702-9c5d-b1c4ca60cd15)

1 The Day of Power (#ube28b4f7-462e-59bc-81bc-fb98a74de9d8)

2 The Song for Drying Clothes (#u2c0ee129-cc9a-5b93-92ba-a5bf7664b6ff)

3 The Sentinels (#u8afece48-9aac-57f8-a6a7-d556b2be297b)

4 Ice Fortress (#u048e1a3b-4d9f-5fed-a151-a14b0fceeb80)

5 A Holy Crusade (#u32a07331-47c1-5c19-b4fc-9b767186cfd8)

6 Carlon (#u9c4ba7f1-9fc0-5d9d-8906-b0c6ad7b4add)

7 Timozel Plans (#ufc4a5aa2-f9bb-5ffd-87d8-584fa61fdd7c)

8 Spiredore (#ub8e767cf-edbc-57bf-ad3c-5bd5abb1f23a)

9 Jervois Landing (#u725ea73a-ea4a-5d22-86e3-042548e448f6)

10 RuffleCrest Speaks (#u037beab4-697a-5a7d-9a10-a31834074960)

11 The Repository of the Gods (#u582adacb-1ad7-573d-bdac-8137446f1f11)

12 Farewell (#u72509f1a-e9db-5c67-8c20-c6a3c0ba498d)

13 Upstairs Downstairs (#ucce89852-5e26-5576-ad4b-dd13379ae4f9)

14 Goodwife Renkin Goes to Market (#u4d9e553a-2698-5cec-9e98-f548ec728d25)

15 Three Brothers Lakes (#u73258a3c-437f-5b68-adb2-425d765840e1)

16 The Island of Mist and Memory (#u67edabd8-b745-5f7a-8607-7c9f1a5617b0)