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Alexey Psikha
Angel of love

Angel of love
Alexey Psikha

Book based on true story happened in Thailand. Story about adventure, love and friendship. Сontains obscene language. Содержит нецензурную брань.

Alexey Psikha

Angel of love

It was sunny day and I went to the cafe. Shitty situation, not too much people. But too much sun. I was going to order something to eat. Yeah… good breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, toasts, orange juice. Ketchup. It was good. Definitely seriously not bad. I was thinking about some photoshoot today. I had some money. And some sexual addictions. But… I have to wait for the evening. I finished my breakfast. And there was a good idea to went to the minimarket. I need to buy some water and ham. Yeah… / After that… I went back to my room. Tea was good. I had no whiskey. Yeah, yeah… I laid down on my bed. 2 thoughts have been visited me. First was about my dinner for tonight. Second was about my business. Good idea to buy some street food.

Afternoon… I went out of my condo. Oh shit… street fruits… I saw… I bought some pineapple and watermelon. 40 batts. Hell day… hell condition. It's time to go on the beach. Ocean waves and sun were awesome. Ok… Ok. I don't care about this. I took out my cell phone and was going to call my friend…


"Hi…" – Tim answered.

"Hey man, how are you doing?"– I asked.

"I'm doing well, except of little things" – he answered.

"What kind of things?" – I asked.

"Shit things, man" – he answered.

"Oh… I'm going to do some photoshoot today, I think" – I said.

"Oh… you got money?" – he asked.

"Have some" – I answered.

"Tomorrow… Maybe, I will go to the club" – he said.

"Are you sure, man? – I asked.

"90%, man" – he answered.

"Damn, maybe, some hot models will be out there" – I said.

"Yeah… you are right" – he said.

"You know? Or just suggestions?" – I asked.

"90%, man" – he answered.

"Ok, ok…" – I said.

"Hope, you will luck" – he said.

"Thanks, hear you soon" – I said.

"Be cool, man" – he said.

I hung up the phone. Damn. Gotta go. I'm back to my room. Have to do something. Because I had no idea about this evening. I drank some water. And turned on the TV. Villas, Beaches, Swimming Pools for thousands and thousands of dollars. Damn. Got to be a millionaire to buy it. No more. I made some tea for myself. Today I have to buy whiskey. Just was planning my day.

Evening… I went out of my condo. Cafe and good company. I knew the guy, who owned this place. He was American, living in Thailand. Good guy. I ordered some Thai food. Noodle with soy sauce and vegetables. The guy came up, who owned this place. Rosty.

"Hey Ros… how are you doing?" – I asked.

"Hey… doing good. And you?" – he answered.

"Awesome" – I said.

"Are you going somewhere?" – he asked.

"Yep" – I answered.

"Oh… have a nice evening" – he said.

"How nice, it depends from us" – I said.

"Yes, yes" – he said.

I left the cafe. I went up to my room… I was there about 1 hour. I put on my shorts, took money and checked the dirty laundry. Ok. Now I'm ready to go out. I had many thoughts. But no direct plans. I caught tuk-tuk and got straight to the Walking Street. Yes… many bars, many pleasures. I went around… and what do you think? Yep… yep… fabulous bar… I saw… I found a place to sit. And ordered one whiskey with ice. Good bar, good mood. You won't believe. I saw her… a girl. I didn't know her name, before she took a sit close to me.

"What's your name, lady?" – I asked.

"Kitty" – she answered.

"Nice to meet you, Kitty" – I said.

"Me too, you very nice" – she said.

"Thanks, you work here?" – I asked.

"Yes, it’s my friends" – she answered.

"Ok… ok" – I said.

"You don't have a girlfriend?" – she asked.

"No… and I don't lie you" – I answered.

"Oh… why you stay alone?" – she asked.

"Well… I don't feel lucky" – I answered.

"Mm… what about drink for me?" – she asked.

"Sure… whiskey?" – I answered.
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