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Nishant Baxi
All You Need to Know About Real Estate

All You Need to Know About Real Estate
Nishant Baxi

Purchasing a home can be a very challenging task. It is hard to know how much you can afford to spend on a home and it can even be frightening to think that you may not be able to afford a home. There are also many other questions that you have to think about when purchasing a home.• Is the market is good for buying a home?• Do you need the assistance of a realtor?• What type of loan is best for me?• Are you purchasing a home to live in or to try and turn a profit?

All You Need to Know About Real Estate

Nishant Baxi

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Nishant Baxi

What you need to know about real estate

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All You Need to Know About Real Estate

Nishant Baxi


Table of Contents

What You Need to Know About Real Estate 1

Introduction 4

Chapter 1 5

Getting Ready to Purchase a Home 5

To Buy or Lease a Home 5

Understanding Your Credit 6

Can You Afford a Home? 6

Fear of Investing 7

Initial Investments 8

Knowing the Market 9

Finding a Real Estate Team 9

Home Owner’s Insurance 12

Chapter 2 14

Loans 14

Loan Prequalification 14

Ten Loan Terms That You Must Know 15

Deciding on a Loan 17

Types of Loans 18

Balloon Loans 18

Interest Only Loans 19

Home Equity Loans 19

Home Equity Lines of Credit 20

Loan Divisions 21

Chapter 3 23

Real Estate 23

Types of Real Estate Investments 23

Finding Your Dream Home 24

Your First Home 25

Preventing First Home Downfalls 26

Profiting from Real Estate 27


Becoming a Landlord 28

Flipping Properties 29

Partnership Investing 29

Protecting Your Assets 30
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