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Aldivan Teixeira Torres
Wound Scars

The funniest thing is what happened next. After his deed of kindness, he continued walking along the town’s main avenue, Colonel Antonio Japiassu, and within five minutes something spectacular happened to him. In the middle of the lane, there were his two great friends and masters of the previous adventure of the series “Sons of the Light”. They were carrying two backpacks and eating a sandwich which they have bought at the corner shop. Getting closer and before could spring a surprise he was noticed. Greetings and hugging followed. The happiness of the reunion is all round. Inevitably, the conversation starts:

—Emmanuel, Messias, how good to see you. How long has it been? How are you? (Asked Divinha)

— I am well, master. Everything as usual. (Emmanuel)

—Yes, and how did you feel helping that man? (Messias)

—I felt good. Helping others rouse in us our best feelings. Charity is a way of redeeming the faults of the human being. (Taught the Son of God).

—I know, I know. And in the case that you may have been tricked, do you feel angry with that man? (Messias)

—I didn’t even think about that possibility. What is important is my deed. Whether he lied or not, it is own responsibility. Many people do not help for fear. Fear, many times also makes them give up, isolate themselves, feeling incapable. I, however, will say to you: Help and love your neighbour, for, that attitude may change the life of many people. (The seer)

—It is what I wanted to hear, master. I thank the Father for having put you in our way. Your light gives us a full life and I think that the world also deserves being illuminated by that light. (Messias Escapuleto)

—I agree with you. Since I have saved you from that fatal tragedy, I understood its importance. Man, I was really missing you. (Emmanuel Melkin Escapuleto)

— I was also missing you. You were angels that entered my life and had transformed it. What are you doing here in the city? (Aldivan)

— We are on our way to the bus station. One of our best friends is in trouble and we are going to try to help him rebuild. (Messias)

— Do you want to join us, son of God? Who knows if with your presence he will not feel better? (Emmanuel)

—Where are going to? How long? (the son of God)

—We are going to Buíque. (Messias)

—For an indeterminate time. (Added Emmanuel)

—Oh, yes. I love Buíque. Just wait a moment. (Aldivan)

Aldivan moves a little away from his companions, ruffle his clothes, his hair, the sun glasses and talks on the cell phone. He asks his boss for permission to stay away from work for some time, alleging some grave danger. Touched, the boss gives his permission. Afterwards, he makes a call to his family and inform them of a work trip as writer. He stresses that he will be away for an indeterminate time. Despite the shock his family accepts. Right. Now he is free to accomplish his mission, to help a person to re-establish his deepest dreams. “The seer” was again in action, in this case in the series “Sons of light” with his companions of Italian stock Emanuel and Messias.

With the call finished, he returns to his friends and they all depart to the mentioned destination. The three of them walk along the length of the avenue, turn the corner, pass the cathedral of deliverance, a supermarket, pass in front of the city’s business district and turn another corner. The official bus station place of Arcoverde, is about one hundred metres ahead, the Pernanbucan backwoods capital.

Our esteemed friends make this last part of the route with enthusiasm and dedication. At this precise moment, the predominant feeling is one of anxiety, nervousness, desire for new adventures, fear of the unknown and the unpredictable. As by magic, they were going to leave the sameness of their routine, that for the son of God, consisted actually of travelling from work-home and for the others the placid life in Jeritacó-Ibimirim-PE, a village lost in the northeast backwoods, characterized by a constant drought and forgotten by most of the authorities.

Arriving at the destination, they go to Buíque’s station, and as this locality is nearby and its industry and commerce are linked to the Arcoverde’s hub, the movement of people is constant at any time. Thus, they don’t have to wait long before the vehicle (A silver beast of twelve seats) parks up.

Leaving the bus stop, the vehicle quickly reaches the town centre, Saint Christopher and other neighbourhoods. Soon after they reach he third on-off ramp of the city, cross the BR 232 highway and on the other side they reach the state highway PE 270. Travelling along the new road, they take advantage of the trip to relax and reflect about the last events.

From the seer’s side, there was a very clear adventure where he will gather the apostles and will discover a great part of the state counties. He will teach about his Father and how to awaken internal “I am” of each of them. From the sons of light’s side, Messias Escapuleto, the father, and Emanuel Melkin Escapuleto- the son- were planning all this time a reunion with theirs loved master, but that he didn’t even suspect. As the old saying goes, everything in its time.

Now there they were, the three reunited, looking forward to meet with somebody in need of help. In the son of God’s case, he has already had this attitude with numerous persons: Christine, Claudio, Clodoaldo, Phillipe Andrews, the farmer who was the virgin Mary, the little humble girl that he had known at the social care, the beggar and many more. Each one of them had a tragic story and was comforted in his arms. He would always repeat this gesture.

This was the marvellous son of God, a nice guy, humble, dignified, patient, believer, able, a visionary with pre-concepts or discriminations. Together with their adventure companions, the sons of light, they hoped to transform many lives.

In this assurance, they continue to advance on the highway PE 270. They pass through places, villages, going through the surrounding immense grey area. Buíque, apart from being an enormous county was an area of many natural wonders.

Everything there was perfect for the beginning of a new adventure. This new stage certainly would bring new surprises that Emanuel and Messias intended to preserve in time. Let’s go forward.

A while later, the journey is finished and straight away at the beginning of the urban perimeter they ask to stop. They climb down from the vehicle, pay the fares and walk a few metres in the quiet city. They stop in front of the door of the third house on the righthand side of the place first street. A house of contemporary style, of medium size, measuring 12x5 metres, the entrance door on righthand side and the window on the left side, a sitting room, two bedrooms, communal bathroom, a kitchen were the house compartments and a small wall.

Softly, they knock at the door and listening to the approaching sound of steps they wait a while. Immediately, the door is opened and inside appears a thin man, about forty years of age, tall, black hair, eyes light brown colour, features of average beauty with a low nose, normal eyebrows, medium size mouth, protruding ears, lean and narrow waist, hairy, thin arms and legs. With a smiling face, he greets his acquaintances and faces the seer with a suspicious look, starting the conversation:

— Welcome. Who is the young man with you?

— This is our adventure companion, Aldivan Teixeira Torres, author re-known worldwide. (Emanuel explained)

— Tadeu, he is also our “Master of the light”. (Messias)

—Caramba! A writer and master. Congratulations. (Tadeu Barbosa)

—Thank you. It is a great mission that I must achieve with your collaboration. (The seer)

—Very well, come in and make yourselves at home. (Tadeu)

Accepting the invitation, the three went in the humble residence accompanied by the host. In the living room, which is the first room, they sat on a five-seat couch making themselves comfortable. Above the couch, is a picture of an ewe. On the righthand side, there is a simple metal shelf where there is a TV and a medium size battery radio. A relaxed conversation develops between them.

— How good that you have arrived. My life fell into a tedious routine from which I cannot escape. (Tadeu)

—I have received your letter. As soon as I read it, I spoke to my son and together we decided to answer you call. That is what friends are for. (Messias Escapuleto)

—Yes. We are always at your service. (Emanuel)

— I am here to get to know you and help you too. (Son of God)

—I thank the three of you. How is work and personal life? (Tadeu)

—At the moment, I live on my pension and stay more at home. (Messias)

— I work in the fields and other small jobs. With the money, I help at home and go out at the weekends. I am reasonably well. (Emanuel Melkin Escapuleto)

—I have my official job as public servant and as writer. Both give me pleasure. In my personal life, I am still not completely accomplished. (The seer)

—You are very well. In my life, nothing is practically left. As time went by, I have only accumulated misfortunes. They are “Wound scars” that settle in and don’t want ever to get out. (He confessed)

—For that reason, we brought the son of God with us. He is the only being able to change your situation. (Messias)

—How? (Tadeu)

—Explain to him, master. (Emanuel)

—I am what I am. Through his greatness, my Father has nominated me to help the poor sinners. I can see, feel and understand your problems and help change your future. Believing is enough. (Aldivan)

Tadeu was dumbfounded. How can you change my future? As time went by, with the sequence of constant failures he had lost completely his faith in God and people. However, there was a contradiction. He absolutely trusted his friends Emanuel and Messias and if they went through the trouble of bringing that man to his presence there must be a true and strong reason to do so. Who knows whether a great miracle couldn’t be possible or not?

—I am going to give you one chance. What is the next step? (Tadeu)
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