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Melissa Cruz
Something Inbetween

Carrie doesn’t respond, and Mallory politely picks up the conversation. “So you’re from the Philippines? Did you grow up there?”

“My parents were born there,” I say. “I grew up in LA.”

Both are technically true.

Nina leans forward. “Where in LA?”

“Uh, Chatsworth,” I admit.

“Where’s that?” asks Mallory.

“It’s in the San Fernando Valley,” I tell her.

“That’s not LA,” Carrie cuts in with a laugh.

“Yes, it’s the Valley,” I say coolly. “And the Valley is still part of Los Angeles, last I checked. Everyone thinks LA is just Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, but it’s much larger and more diverse than that. Besides, we have the best soup dumplings in the Valley. Better than New York’s Chinatown, according to the Michelin guide.”

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