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Lindsay Cummings

Andi raised a pale brow, and Soyina smiled that same gorgeously chilling smile that had drawn Dex to her in the first place. He wondered what she looked like to those on the fringes of death, as they spouted information about whatever they knew of the Unified Systems. It was rumored that, though there was a peace treaty in place, Queen Nor still seethed with the desire for revenge and sought a way to destroy the other systems. They’d never be able to come back from the destruction The Cataclysm had caused for them, though. The damage was too much, the lives lost, too many.

“I’m also a Revivalist,” Soyina said, drawing Dex’s attention back again. “With every death comes the chance for a second life. The opportunity for more information. I bring them back, as long as I’m within the three-minute window, of course.”

“With what?” Andi asked. “How can you bring a dead man back to life?”

Soyina chuckled arrogantly, clearly relishing Andi’s ignorance. “With science, dear girl!”

This was the downside to working with someone like Soyina. She loved to talk and brag and talk some more. Dex’s head was beginning to spin, wondering how he’d ever taken an interest in a woman who was so clearly off her axis.

He glanced sideways at Andi.

Two women, then.

“The map, Soyina,” Dex reminded her. “You have it with you?”

She blinked, a crooked smile on her lips as she seemed to come back to the present. “Before we dive into the matter at hand, I hope you remembered the payment I requested?”

Dex took another healthy gulp of his drink, relaxing as the fire swam into his bones. “Half of your payment has already been anonymously wired to your account. Untraceable. When the mission is complete, you’ll get the other portion. You’re sure you can’t go with us?”

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