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Viktor Ruksov
Sexual energetics 2

Human polarity

Man is a dynamic oriented spatial form. Changing the position of a person relative to the Earth and the sky allows him to regulate the flow of Qi of space of different polarity, attracting Yang Qi through the upper form and through the lower Yin Qi. In the vertical position, a person attracts the maximum amount of Yang Qi space, in the horizontal – the minimum.

The redundancy of one of the potentials lies at the heart of heterogeneous reproductive systems. The diversity has arisen due to the impossibility by the forces of one system to ensure the production of the material necessary for reproduction. The more complex the system, the more energy it requires. The production of cells involved in the reproduction of life is the most energy-intensive process, the most complex of all processes in the body. It requires complex biogenetic work and proceeds with the absorption of large amounts of energy. The cells involved in the reproduction process, in miniature, accumulate a huge amount of information and store energy. The process of connecting different sex cells requires the attraction of a powerful flow of energy, which gives impetus to growth.

How does the polarity shift process occur? Children from birth to puberty have a balanced energy system, it has virtually no energy shift, but during puberty, an increase in the potential of one of the polarities occurs. This effect leads to a certain type of formation of the musculoskeletal structure of the body, which is accompanied by the corresponding hormonal background. The growth program builds up the body in such a way that by the age of 13—15 years, the child takes on a form that increases the corresponding potential. The female type of figure attracts more Yin energy, and the male type Yang. The source of Yin is the earth, and the source of Yang is the sky. The essence of Yin is passivity, attraction, absorption. The essence of Yang is activity, pushing, giving. Yang polar energy comes from space; it is attracted and absorbed by the Earth. A person, possessing a certain form, receives both potentials. From what energy he is able, to receive in a larger volume depends his energy organization.

The formation of the male or female path of development occurs at the 9th week of fetal development. The presence or absence of the Y chromosome plays a decisive role; before this period, the embryo has a female physiological organization. However, the presence of the Y chromosome does not guarantee the male energy path for the development of body shape. Sometimes it happens that sex characteristics develop according to their own scenario, and the energy system – in its own way. The Y chromosome acts as a switch for the male development scenario, triggering the development process of the male type. If this switch is not, then the fetus continues to develop along the female path. Energy support for further development may be of a different nature, which leads to the formation of the musculoskeletal form with elements inherent in the opposite sex, which affects the functioning of the reproduction system.

The Y chromosome triggers the process of primary (intrauterine) polar displacement and lays in hormones and the physiological structure of the body, determining the sex of the person. However, in cases of equality of potentials Yin and Yang, this does not happen and a person develops signs of both sexes, each of which turns out to be underdeveloped. The equilibrium state of the energy system is an exception.

The intrauterine polar shift has almost no effect on the overall energy system of the child and affects only the genitals. Until the age of 10—13 years, it is in equilibrium, but at the moment of life determined by the genetic program, under the action of hormones, the energy system shifts towards increasing one of the potentials. The second stage begins puberty. There is a development of genitals and Jing systems; the musculoskeletal structure is being transformed. In boys, due to the strengthening of the shoulder girdle, the polarity of Yang increases significantly, and in girls, due to the increase in the volume of the hips, Yin.

After puberty, men and women have a formed energy system, the shape of which attracts polar energy in accordance with proportions. In the human body in the navel is the main energy center, where these energies are mixed, forming an energy ball that feeds the entire system of the body. In the Tao system, the place of energy concentration is called Dan-Tien, in the Yoga system – Chakra.

The energy ball formed by the upper and lower spatial forms in humans, as a rule, does not have polar equilibrium. Most men are dominated by Yang, and by most women Yin. The ball is located between two main energy channels: the manager (Yang), passing along the spine from the tailbone to the head, and the functional (Yin), passing along the frontal part of the body from head to tailbone. The ball is located in the center of the abdomen in the environment of the microbiota, which selects a part of the energy for its needs. The larger the microbiota, the more it takes on pure polar energy. The ball is centered between the channels and in cases of growth of the abdomen is removed from the Yang channel, thus reducing the flow of clean energy into it. The overall polarity of the body shifts towards Yin, which leads to a lack of Yang and has a negative effect on Yang polar processes in both men and women. So, for men with a big belly, the hormonal background changes towards the female side, the intensity of the energy flow in the genitals decreases, for this reason, the sperm nutrition is reduced. In women with a large belly, including during pregnancy, the activity of the Yang system decreases. Excessive Yin tends to increase, resulting in many women gaining excess weight.

Changes in body proportions during adolescence do not always occur in full. Thus, for some girls, the hip line does not expand to the extent that the Yin polarity prevails over Yang, while for boys, the shoulder girdle line and Yang polarity does not develop to the level of Yin predominance. As a consequence, the opposite of sexual characteristics can be formed. Both sexes are subject to this. If this phenomenon contributes to the corresponding psychological atmosphere, the person is inclined to identify himself with the opposite sex. Thus, homosexual types of people are formed. Is this a norm or deviation?

– The existence of a conflict of energy and physiological component, suggests that this is an energy failure that can be corrected.

Prior to the formation of a stable mental identification with the opposite sex, bringing the energy system back to normal can rectify the situation. The correction methods are simple and are associated with increasing the volume of the area of the body, the polarity of which is necessary to increase. Moreover, of particular importance in this process is maintaining the proportions of the line of the hips and the line of the shoulders relative to the waist. Without an ideal tone of this area, a change in the size of the hips or shoulder girdle does not make sense. In both men and women, the correction of the energy balance must begin with reducing the abdominal area to a physiological norm.

In order to understand in time that the energy balance is violated, it is necessary to measure and compare the strength of both polarities. This requires diagnostic devices to measure the strength of the polar Jing. Instruments for measuring human Qi and Jing can be an effective means of determining the state of energy health. Considering the fact that there are many energy channels in the human body, measuring Qi or Jing in a certain place will give an idea of their condition. If a weakening of Qi movement is detected at any site, it will be enough to restore the flow so that the body can cope with the disease.

Treatment methods based on diagnosing the state of Qi energy have been practiced in Tibet since antiquity, and such a treatment system as acupuncture is a clear indication of the effectiveness of this approach. Masters of acupuncture, based on their own and the experience of their mentors and using their energy system diagnose and repair damage to the energy channels, thus coping with many diseases.

Qi energy has the property of concentration and contraction to the state of Jing. This was noticed in ancient times in China and India, creating great practices of working with energy: Qigong and Yoga. Jing can be accumulated and used by the body, the sex center is responsible for its production and distribution. The mechanism of transformation of Qi to Jing is based on the transformation of body energy into a more dense form. This process takes place in the pelvic, where Qi is compacted in the Yin phase.

Jing density may be different and depends on the power of Qi flow. The better the condition of the body and the more Qi moves in the energy orbit, the more powerful its Jing. This energy is used for procreation, intellectual activity and for interaction with the outside world at the energy level.

Masters of light meditations are able to direct additional energy flows of space into this area, which allows increasing its total volume in the body, reducing the proportion of secondary Qi.

In the process of life, the body wears out and loses the ability to absorb and recycle Qi energy. The lack of Qi in the body leads to a gradual decrease in the Jing reserves, up to complete exhaustion. This process is called aging. Death, resulting from this, in terms of energy, is the loss by the physical body of the ability to generate vital energy of Qi and its quintessence Jing. It can occur as a result of natural aging, and because of system breakage.

The imbalance of the energy system leads to disruptions in the systems for producing vital types of energy, which on the physical level manifests itself in the form of various kinds of diseases. A thousand years ago, Chinese medicine discovered this relationship and developed an approach to the treatment of diseases by restoring energy damage. If a human manages to artificially generate a Jing, he will be able to use it to restore damaged energy sites, recharge his energy battery, thus continuing his life.


27 types of human figures

The classifier is divided into 3 squares, in which figures are grouped according to the circumference of the waist in relation to the circumference of the lines of the shoulders and hips with buttocks (numbered at the top of the figure).

One square – the waistline has a clearly defined contour with relaxed abdominal muscles.

Two square – the waistline is drawn with tensed abdominal muscles.

Three square – the waistline is not drawn when the abdominal muscles are tensioned.

For clarity, the purple color of the waistline is depicted darker and more contrasted with a good proportional ratio of the waist to the line of the shoulder girdle and hips.

The line of the hips and buttocks is grouped in rows, the numbering of which shows their circumference in relation to the circumference of the waist and shoulder lines.

One line – shows figures with narrow hips, and small buttocks, characteristic mainly for male figures, but also found among female ones.

Two line – the hips and buttocks are quite developed, but do not predominantly prevail in relation to the line of the shoulder girdle, back and chest, are equally characteristic of male and female figures.

Three line – the line of the hips and buttocks is well developed, characteristic of female figures, it is extremely rare among men.

The line of the hips and buttocks is shown in shades of blue. The darker, the more developed the hips and buttocks.

The shoulder line is grouped in rows numbered according to the ratio of their circumference to the circumference of the waist lines and hips with buttocks.

Three row – the line is well developed characteristic of male types of figures, but is also found among female ones;

Two row – the line is developed well or satisfactorily, equally inherent in male and female types of figures;

One row line is underdeveloped, mostly found among women’s hearts, rarely in men.

The classifier has a horizontal wavy line conditionally dividing the figures into male (at the top of the table on a light red background) and female (at the bottom of the table on a light blue background).

All 27 types of figures are found in women. Among men, the 3rd line is almost completely absent, therefore for 95% of men only 18 types of figures are relevant.

Each of the 27 types of figures has its own unique energy organization. The numbers show the conditional relationship between the energy lines. The red line shows the power of polarity Yang: the larger the number and the darker the shade, the more powerful. The violet line shows the strength of the line of the energy center of the body. The smaller this number and the darker the shade, the better the energy center works. The blue line shows the strength of the Yin polarity, the larger the number and the darker the shade, the stronger the polarity.

For male types of figures, the predominance of the polarity of Yang over Yin is characteristic, for female types, the polarity of Yin over Yang is opposite. The central row of the table shows the types of figures that do not have a pronounced polar prevalence. These types of figures are equally common to both men and women.

The table can easily determine the degree of energy compatibility. If you add the numbers of the upper and lower lines of a man and a woman and they will be equal, this will indicate an excellent energy balance of the couple.

If these numbers differ by one unit, the balance will be good or satisfactory depending on the state of the waistline (the larger the purple line, the worse the balance).

If the difference is more than one unit, the balance is unsatisfactory.

With good compatibility of the red and blue lines, it is important that the purple line in value is as close as possible to unity. An imbalance in the waistline leads to an energy imbalance of the entire system, so it’s rather difficult to assess how compatible the pairs with the triple in the purple line are. In this case, everything is possible, from perfect compatibility to complete incompatibility.

In the center of the squares are figures with an equal balance of Yin and Yang. The owners of such figures are perfectly compatible with each other and are well compatible with any other type of figures.

All lines can be adjusted by physical improvement and body weight control. Therefore, if you meet a partner with a body type with satisfactory or even unsatisfactory energy compatibility, do not despair, but intentionally develop those lines that require correction. If the purple line has gone to the side of the three, first of all, start by putting your waist in order.

Animal Incubators

Round, oval and egg-shaped forms are used in the animal kingdom to reproduce life. Eggs, eggs, testicles in males, the uterus in females, all have a spherical shape. Probably, Eden had the same form. This is a form of incubator.

The round shape is a structure balancing energy. An external energy source is needed to provide energy to an egg. In order for the mechanism of life or energy circulation inside the egg to start, it needs to launch the external Chi energy into its energy structure. In different animals, this process starts in different ways. Birds hatch eggs, forming an external energy field, and some of the birds are able to form a Qi flow under conditions, to put it mildly, unsuitable for hatching. For example, emperor penguins hatch eggs in Antarctic conditions. The eggs are provided with the necessary energy due to the vertical shape of the birds, which looks like a pillar. It is this form that allows you to start life in an egg in such harsh conditions, it provides them with a sufficiently powerful flow of Yang energy. The temperature may drop below -57 degrees Celsius. At penguins, males are engaged in hatching eggs.

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