Bruce Parry
Serious Survival: How to Poo in the Arctic and Other essential tips for explorers

Serious Survival: How to Poo in the Arctic and Other essential tips for explorers
Bruce Parry

Marshall Corwin

Over a period of five years, the BBC took groups to the world’s most inhospitable places for Serious Jungle, Serious Amazon, Serious Desert, Serious Andes and Serious Arctic. This is what they had to learn to survive…Do you take a tent to the jungle, waterproofs to the Andes, does sand really get everywhere and how do you poo in the Arctic? Serious Survival is what you really need to know before you visit out-of-the-way places – without it you will have a seriously uncomfortable time: you might even die.This is not a collection of hypothetical requirements for travelling in the world’s most inhospitable places, this book is compiled from the first-hand experiences of the Serious Survival teams over the past five years – expeditions that have faced nearly every inhospitable habitat – plus the years of experience of the expedition leaders and medics in the teams.Aimed at every budding traveller – this is essential advice on where to go, who to go with and what to take to ensure that you come back in one piece.

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Serious Arctic (#ulink_42c6d1e9-a708-578b-9bc7-4d2c97b00302)

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Arctic Wildlife (#ulink_8db5e174-8b69-553a-bbca-7d78b358a2ed)

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Hypothermia (#ulink_6a9160a1-d0e1-5e03-9a27-f356d392e870)

Arctic Clothing (#ulink_69dd145c-7718-575b-8d7d-a8b04579323f)

The Frozen Ocean (#ulink_edb30a88-002c-5142-8572-0585ffb091d5)

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Food and Water (#ulink_fda23660-5a90-5a96-bc21-dce27251df99)

Working in the Arctic (#ulink_e35d9d72-89ee-5659-87a1-22417d643287)

Tents and Igloos (#ulink_208fa2f5-9b25-5e6e-8abd-16f53069a8a6)

Sleeping in the freezer (#litres_trial_promo)

Arctic Toilets (#litres_trial_promo)

Extreme Arctic Weather (#litres_trial_promo)

Inuit Survival (#litres_trial_promo)

Serious Jungle (#litres_trial_promo)

The Serious Jungle Adventure (#litres_trial_promo)

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