Nikolay Lakutin
Teleportation. Technic. Opportunities. The consequences

Teleportation. Technic. Opportunities. The consequences
Nikolay Lakutin

Hello, dear friend (gender does not matter as it is an illusion). So we met… You probably don't remember me, I looked different, I had a different name, I had different habits, and I did a lot of things. Today I have come to give you what you have been looking for. Be careful, fight the fate, but do not offend people. I have always loved you, though my actions have sometimes suggested otherwise… love and now. See you later… "hug" and "smile" where words are not needed…

This book is quite expensive for both understanding and life in General, in particular for the financial situation of those who undertake to read it. If this moment is not afraid, after reading the subconscious will show You the amount that will need to be credited to the account of the author, contacts for communication you will find at the bottom of this work. Full version of the book " Teleportation. Technic. Opportunities. Consequences " with illustrations and explanations You will find on the official website of Nikolai Lakutin, it is given at the end of the book. Think ten times before you read on. This is dangerous fiction.


To all those who are skeptical about this information, I suggest to perceive this work as another fantasy of Nikolai Lakutin. However, if you ever read this work and get acquainted with the facts, historical reports and the proposed technique, it is unlikely that you will then return to normal life, the one you live now. If you are satisfied, that's fine. Then don't pay any attention to what you've seen here.

All those who consciously plans to link their lives with teleportation-welcome. But this information is paid. I'll explain why. The fact is that most people are not ready to acquire this knowledge. If they find out about how to perform the teleportation, you will begin to Rob, to expose, to kidnap… the world will turn into chaos. This information is only available for those who do not need money. For those who have already known all the worldly goods and achieved all that he wanted. Such people are unlikely to use powers of teleportation to the detriment of society. Among other things, the development of technology still needs time. Ah and on case destructive behavior negligent teleports, I described several situations, which already had place be. I doubt you want to expose yourself after reading. In General, all those who are ready for a new level of presence on Earth are welcome. The world is much more interesting and complete than it seems.


One of the smallest particles of time, among the Slavic-Aryan peoples, our ancestors, was called-SIG, it was depicted as a Rune in the form of lightning.

The most rapid displacement with one seats on another was defined, as 1 whitefish, hence and old Russians expression: sigat, siganut.

What is 1 SIG, in modern units of time?

The answer makes anyone think, in 1 second contains 300244992 whitefish, and 1 whitefish, approximately, is equal to 30 oscillations of the electromagnetic wave of the cesium atom, taken as the basis for modern atomic clocks. Why did our ancestors need such small quantities?

The answer is simple, to measure the necessary processes. For example: the ancient expressions whitefish, siganut in the modern Russian language means – teleport.

Until the Wright brothers showed up and proved otherwise, it was thought impossible to take to the skies on machines that were heavier than air, just as it was with teleportation. Most people believe that matter cannot be transported through space, but they do not know that they have long been able to do so…

Before you pass on information about how to learn teleportation and apply it in everyday life, I must warn You about what awaits You in the event that You seriously decided at all costs to master the technique of teleportation.

The first thing to start this conversation is the so-called "side effects", what can happen in the process of mastering this information and then-practice.

The possibility of teleportation

There are two ways to achieve teleportation:

1.      Technological method, based on the teleporters

2.      The development of teleportation in a natural way

Both ways are dangerous, but effective. Now I will explain what it is about and what "pitfalls" are present in both cases.

Technological way to achieve teleportation

Obtaining technologically teleported objects is used on our planet not too long ago. In the middle of the 20th century, around the 1960s began the first practical experiments on the manufacture of telepods, devices that move objects in space. To move living beings did not yet know how.

To date, there are several very advanced technological telepods, differing principles of operation. They are able to move both objects and living creatures, animals, people.

But the technological method has a lot of disadvantages. Here it is not even that there is no possibility to move uncontrollably, most, in any place and time, the problem is much more serious.

Computers, programs and all human developments are able to work with matter. And the person has at least seven bodies, depending on how you count and at what angle to consider. So, the physical body, matter, to throw with the help of a telepod is not difficult. But the rest of the bodies technique can not work, and hardly learn someday to do it.

It turns out that the astral, mental, causal, and other information bodies of man lose it. Why are people after you move the technological way some time is in prostration? Because information-energy bodies of the person find a body of the dwelling with time shift. The moment of throwing the body from point " A "to point" B " does not coincide in time with the movement of human light bodies. In addition, at the time of transfer of material of the physical body, all other bodies lose their physical, and find it in the destination only after a few seconds, and then nastigayut your biological (body). It would seem a fraction of a second is not much, but it is enough to cause irreversible reactions in the human body. Periodic "juggling" of the body by means of technological installations leads to the fact that the spirit leaves the disobedient body, simply put, a person will die with a bouquet of incurable painful diseases.

The development of teleportation in a natural way

The method of mastering teleportation in a natural way is much more convenient. This process is coordinated, unlike technological. All bodies move at the same time, no misalignment and stratification occurs. It is possible to teleport whenever and wherever you want without any devices, supervisors and controllers in the dense plan.

There is no movement speed at all, the mechanism works in a completely different way.

The speed of movement from point " A "to point" B " does not exist, there is a transition through the void, which is much more efficient and mobile even compared to the speed of light. It is difficult to understand an unprepared person, but for understanding, I will say that flying saucers move in this way. They seem to push the space and at the time of movement are out of space, which is why they do not see even the most modern radars. Just do not track and You, unless of course will not be with a mobile phone, various chips and devices. Many extraterrestrials would take decades to get from their galaxies to ours, even at the constant speed of light. I personally know a person, a girl, who met with gray aliens, so you can not doubt their existence. In the books of Drunvalo Melchizidek (You will find it in the list of recommended literature) partially describes the process of creation and operation. But understanding comes long to ordinary consciousness. Here it is better just to trust yourself, your consciousness and go from one place to another through emptiness, through space, through a single connection with all things.

The most the main the danger in teleportation naturally lies in is, that for its implement will have get back a bit shift away mad.

I understand that now it sounds completely illogical and incomprehensible to You, but to get off the usual level of thinking, the so-called mind is a necessary requirement for the development of teleportation in a natural way.

Then you will understand everything yourself, from the lines described below. Terrible in this there is nothing, there is a kind of sliding on the edge, it is important not to play too much, otherwise you will get into a madhouse. There, to word, seats free not so perishing many and appeal to patients enough bestial, so that not advise there whom-either enter. In order to stay on the edge of everyday thinking and delicately go crazy, so that no one noticed it, in your life in the process of mastering the material will inevitably have problems. This is a natural and normal reaction of the surrounding world. You after all not think that over us no one and nothing there is no. We are watched, controlled, helped, protected. I'm not talking about people, of course, but this is a topic of another material, we will not go deeper. Here our curators also create all necessary situations that our habitual consciousness did not go off coils more, than it is required. If you take the problems encountered as you study and practice the material for a sign to give up and return to normal life, then regard the interpretation of events is not true. If You weren't supposed to be on this path, you wouldn't be able to get your hands on this material under any circumstances. Once again I will explain that the situations returning You to the course of habitual life will arise necessarily, it is a natural reaction and normal practice controlled by our curators. Decide to step on this path-there will be problems, but no more than usually happens, you should not be afraid of it. In addition, problems are also a matter of attitude to the situation. Most of them are not. All the difficulties that arise in our lives are very necessary. Everything always goes right, it is important not to interfere and treat with understanding, get your experience.

The remaining problems of the natural development of teleportation associated with You. With the level of spiritual development, the level of morality and morality. What will you do if you master these technologies? The first thing that arises in the minds of most – to Rob banks. Partly, therefore, this book costs a lot of money and is designed for those who do not have the need for financial fraud by means of the ability to teleport. Robberies, kidnappings, all sorts of setups – these are shitty thoughts. Such teleports will not live happily ever after. Mechanisms of capture and elimination of negligent people with superpowers are also developing and today have an Arsenal of lotions even more than the technology of the question of teleportation. It is important to understand why you need it? What will you do?" What won't you do?" Another nuance for teleports is the terrain, the habitat. In Russia, for example, teleports are more or less loyal. And here in Europe very much do not like, there trust people less, than at us. Well, with the ability to teleport, you obviously visit all possible corners of our planet. You have to be careful and honest with yourself. This is a prerequisite.

Consequences of teleportation

Possibilities of teleportation there are a few, but many will subsequently be temptations. And if with teleportation within third dimension problems can be not so many, maximum your activities will boils down on theft, perebrasyvaniem outsiders to in their interests far-either, for that very quickly will have pay off, then in case with teleportation in another space dimension, or same teleportation in time with unclean thoughts or simply imprudently, imprudently choosing destination, You risk prove in situations, similar two, described below:

1.      In Kazakhstan, in the summer of 2016, during excavations in a rocky area, a man was found embedded in a rock. Of course he was dead. Judging by the period of stay in the rock, he spent at least several centuries there, however, strangely, he was wearing a sports suit of our time and a mobile device resembling a modern computer, only even more modern, we do not yet have such in use.

2.      On Easter island in 1988, Professor R. Myers and his assistants W. Rhodes and Y. Longwell dug up a small swamp on the island and found in it… the remains of a medieval knight sitting on a horse, in full battle dress! Judging by the armor, it was a member of the Livonian order, in his purse there were three gold Hungarian ducats minted in 1326! Although until 1722, no white man set foot on the island.

The technique of teleportation

All genius is simple, you hear? It's true. If there are doubts that You will not be able to master this material and apply it in practice-do not worry. Everything is not as difficult as it seems, there would be a desire, and pure thoughts, then everything will turn out. The universe follows the path of least resistance and always does everything in the least expensive way. That is why the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This is the basic principle of teleportation.

There are several ways to teleport naturally, that is, without resorting to any technological inventions. I have already said that for this you need to go a little crazy. What does it mean?

To go a little crazy means to free consciousness from the fetters of stereotypes and imposed by society thinking. People don't fly or teleport or do a lot of wonderful things, not because they can't, but because they don't allow themselves to.

Almost all human superpowers are just a matter of developing the level of consciousness. Not mind, but consciousness. At present, the consciousness and mind of man is in confrontation. In my book, the Attack of happiness, I tell how, from tool, slave, and ally, the mind of man passed over the centuries into the master. There is a failure of the program, our level of development has created an artificial intelligence. A lot of movies have been made on this subject, but we are not able to understand that this artificial intelligence is in our heads. This is a very powerful structure that has subjugated almost the whole world. There are not many enlightened people on earth who are free from mind. These people live in pure consciousness. Consciousness is something that does not require any logical conclusions, internal chatter and "clogging the ether" during wakefulness and sleep. It is pure knowledge of what is, what has been, and what will be. The great teachers have left us a great knowledge which says:

The ability of man to think is certainly one of the most outstanding abilities ever bestowed upon mankind. But the ability not to think is an even more valuable gift.

Here I have revealed to you the essence of my work "Attack of happiness". This is my gift to you.

There I tell that at the moment of achievement of the purpose, the mind still does not manage to close the task and to load subconsciousness with the following. And while this is happening, the person is in a state of euphoria. He is experiencing a " Fit of happiness." This is not because an "important" goal has been achieved. Or something very good happened. This is because the brain reboots for a while and leaves the mind alone. These are the moments when a person does not think about anything. In a state of absence of internal dialogue, when the mind does not obscure consciousness, a person feels happy.

What does this have to do with teleportation?

The most direct. Until You tell your mind to shut up and dismiss all doubts and fabricated arguments about the impossibility of your superpowers, freeing the way to consciousness, to the pure knowledge not only that teleportation and everything else takes place, but also about how it is done, you will achieve nothing.

This is one of the most important paragraphs of the book, remember it well. Almost all major work on the technique of teleportation is based on the assumption, to clear consciousness from the mind. On average, the development of teleportation takes from 1.5 years to 5 years.

On average, in two years, most get to achieve the desired result. I personally mastered teleportation through 2.5 year. I started practicing in January 2014, and in August 2016 I succeeded.