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Nikolay Lakutin
Weapon Of Olegov. Full version

Weapon Of Olegov. Full version
Nikolay Lakutin

Time for change… How few people understand what this means, and what is happening under the colorful masks of people, communities, countries… worlds'… It's time to reveal the cards, remove the masks and expose the essence! All the events, organizations and characters are the author's invention. Any coincidence of names, surnames and positions of the characters with the real names of living or deceased persons, and took place with anyone in life events is purely coincidental and completely unintentional.

Weapon Of Arehow

– We have discussed this option with all of You, colleagues – sounded calm voice, creeping soft wave for all areas and steps of a closed space, having neither Windows nor doors. All here was strange or more accurately say – other. Other forms of interaction, other forms of life, other matter, if you can even call it matter… Even the location of this room was difficult to determine, because – nearby hovered only emptiness – while we thought, reasoned, planned and expected, the situation on Earth has worsened significantly. It is not a secret for any of you that time has changed its course, given that a day some hundred years ago, now fits a little more than three days, and then this dynamics will grow rapidly-we have almost no time left. Now there is simply nowhere to retreat, it's time to act.

The room is clearly something began to happen. Voices were not heard, but the color scheme of the space has changed. In a closed room felt the excitement and tension began to appear countless images, mixing with each other, incredible colors and even muffled inaudible human ear sounds filled the space.

– We are launching the project on the Ground…


Artem was on the bus home and was thinking about what to do tomorrow. After all, tomorrow he had to go to two interviews in related areas in the field of it-technologies. Its advantages were there and there, but how will communication with the authorities, what a team, pitfalls. There were many questions. Imagination drew countless scenarios. Anything that plays in the head guy, but one of the most banal variant of the rejection of his candidacy. Artem knew that he would successfully pass the interview stage both there and there, because he was really a rare specialist and a Pro in the intricacies of software.

Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by sitting in front of the drunk young boy. He strangely smiled and tried to reach out a hand to her left cheek Artem.

The situation looked quite ridiculous and obscene, but curiosity about the further development of events took up. Tom, completely forgetting about work and related experiences, began to watch the silent boy, still oddly smiling at him, the word old friend. How difficult it was for this black-haired shaggy guy to catch the right focus in a shaking bus, and even in a state of not light intoxication in tandem with something Smoking potent, a state that has already passed into the next more aggravated stage. And finally, having gathered all the attention, skill and God knows what else, he finally managed to bury a few fingers in the cheek of Artem.

Curiosity and attention next to seated and standing passengers was entirely confined to this ridiculous situation. Artem was not less surprised, but still kept calm and did not interfere, watching what is happening, as if these strange machinations do not produce with him.

The black-haired boy squeezed the left cheek of Artem, then smiled more than before and suddenly said quietly:

– Almost.

Many questions now wandered in the head of Artem, but he did not have time to ask them, because a strange neighbor in the seat immediately provoked another dumb question, pointing now on the wrist of his right hand, saying at the same time:

– And I, you see, will not last, so live – he swept carelessly forefinger some area on his right wrist, clearly showing the oblong and quite wide scar from the canteen cutlet. However, the strange thing was that neither Artem on the cheek or on the wrist of this strange passenger, nothing happened.

And here's what happened. The guy riding in the bus under strong intoxication weakened the vigilance of the controlling brain structures, in turn, the Smoking mixture briefly activated the memory of the epiphysis of his past life, seeing in the bus Artem, or rather his essence, he instantly remembered how in the early 90's being forty-year-old Alexei Vorontsov was making his capital in one of the gangster groups.

Things didn't go according to plan that time. The firm that he ran into with his brothers, was not as harmless as expected. Guys pretty battered, their leader almost lost his hand, badly injured wrist. Needed backup. For a substantial percentage were invited to shreds of "Oskolkova". He was famous for the fact that instead of the usual at the time style of solving problems – waving his legs and gunshot, calmly conducted dialogues. I came to Strelka alone, but always came back and came back as a winner. No one knew why Tolik was not afraid to die, which gave him confidence and peace. But the rumor was not in vain. Thus, Anatoly arrived to the rebellious firm, by prior agreement. He waited a few armed ruffians on the threshold of the building and fifteen people scattered across the organization, ready at any moment to erase it into a powder, if it take not the desired turnover.

In the Director's office he was accompanied by two men. They closed the door behind them and stood ready at arm's length from the visitor.

– So here you are, Tolik. Of you legends go among the lads, and mind you're not really cool – sounded haughty voice of wide seats that belonged to a balding middle-aged man fad physique.

Indeed, the appearance of Anatoly, in contrast to the tall, broad-shouldered belly-interlocutor did not stand out from the gray mass of citizens. Average height, slim build, age a little over forty. Man and man. Only his eyes were different. It was difficult to say what, but they clearly attracted and even somehow beckoned. In short, to look away was difficult, if not impossible, at least as long as the Anatoly did not let the sight of the opponent. This view, despite its openness and rather pleasant light surroundings, made it clear at some subconscious level of any danger that a person can not cope with it. It is difficult to understand and explain. The feeling didn't explained what it is to be feared, look, or that particular someone or something, it just manifested the opponent's non-verbal level.

Can we talk about me, but actually I came here not for this, I propose to go straight to the point – raised his gaze Anatoly and rested them like a sniper scope in the eyes.

– What we have to be the case, face, you who is there? began "bykovat" one, but then faltered and changed slightly in the face. Sharply increasing aggression was suddenly replaced by repentance. The body went limp at the heavy man, the gift of speech somewhere was gone.

– Don't need to nervous, talk quietly, only not with you, and with… – barely managed to talk Anatoly, as sensed a resounding blow in the back of my head and lost consciousness.


Company "Anima" in that came visitor, was is by no means ordinary. Things have been dark around here. The company supplied to the territory of the country and exported – wood and black metal. Under the guise of wholesale deliveries of wood to the Central part of the car several hollow logs which space was stuffed with chemical weapons and drugs were placed. To reveal such a Scam could only under one condition – if someone learned about it outside a narrow circle of initiates. Scored top to bottom in the compositions with tons of metal, the same passing through the border undetected batch of firearms and bladed weapons. The scheme worked not the first year, at customs of questions couldn't be. Nobody will think to brake structure, to unload cars and small slices to chop off each log in search of something. Or pour tons of rusty metal structures collected in the most unenviable, often unsanitary areas.

Money in the" Anime " spun more than you could imagine, which is why it attracted attention from various structures. "Guest performers" made the attacks on average three-four times a year moreover local didn't sit "idly by". This forced the management of Anima to employ the best specialists in the field of security, surveillance, listening, specialists in the field of information technology. All these specialists know the staff and competitors, this is no secret. But there were also such experts about whom very few knew. Among the " shadows "was the liquidator of the highest level, a native of the" non – existent " unit, filer, sleeper and Stalker-not a beginner. This set is not every government intelligence could boast, "Anima" all this had. Of course, the head of the company was not a mere "mortal". He was a member of the Kremlin, had connections at the level of those that lead the top officials and knew the structure of the world's governance firsthand. It is these relationships and kinship gave access to true professionals.

But because of the presence of such professions, the majority of the hijackers were unaware, not to mention the fact to avoid the idea about their work on the "Anime" in the year absolutely without any problems suddenly lost 15-20 people who showed their appetite for this company.


Anatoly woke up in some dark shed. His hands were tied behind a hook sticking out of the ceiling beam. All talked about the fact that it is knit such knots repeatedly. The walls of the shed were scuffed, through the cracks of the walls was visible endless expanse. It was some remote place, not even a suburb, a completely different uninhabited area. Bad headache, eyelids felt like leaden, his eyes opened with difficulty, was very sleepy, rolled up the feeling of nausea.

– Woke up, poor guy – he heard the voice behind – hike today in your career misfire, brother. Exit the winner in this situation will not work. And yet the big question is, can you generally walk out of here the speaker moved on to sarcastic laughter, which picked up two more votes.

– What the back-it is hiding, scared of me even in this state? – restraining the pain in the head at every word, Anatoly said.

– Who's afraid of you, Scarecrow? the speaker's voice began to approach, but was immediately heard.:

– Where, a Grey, is a master said from this zone not exits.

Yes, I know – said the first and went back to the place.

Anatoly began to realize that he faced serious guys. Not the ones behind him in the barn, but the ones holding anima.»:

– If these guys were given the order to be out of my field of vision, then they know what my opinion is capable of, moreover, they knew it already when I came, and as soon as I began to influence – I was immediately knocked out-Anatoly reflected to himself.

The picture began to clear up. The guys themselves did not take any action and did not try to learn anything, but if he was not interested in the one who gave the order for his delivery here, the picture would at the moment have a more sad outcome. Obviously, everyone in this barn was waiting for someone higher up. Twenty minutes later he heard the growing hum of helicopter blades. He sat down somewhere near the barn. The propellers slowed down, the engine was switched off and the approaching voices began to differ in the decreasing noise. Several people entered the barn, but only one silhouette appeared in front of Anatoly. The man put the chair opposite, turned around, sat down. Ten seconds silently studying the prisoner. The person sitting opposite was of a strong Constitution, with wide black eyes and a large hood over his head, so that his appearance could not be defined and described, nor could his eyes be seen.

– I think you already understand, Anatoly, who is sitting in front of you and why.

The prisoner nodded, lowering his gaze.

– What do you say to that?

Anatoly was silent.

– Went all out and fifty feet away from the barn – ordered the man with glasses.

They remained together. For a minute both were silent.

– My sleeper took a lot of work to get inside your head.

Anatoly was silent, not raising her eyes.

– He found a lot of interesting things.

Anatoly didn't react.

But the most interesting was not out to get you, and I know you're not such a simple guy you know. You couldn't help but understand where you were going and what was waiting for you here. You didn't expect to have a peaceful conversation in the office. What are you doing with this bunch of degenerates? Shrapnel isn't your level. To resolve issues of who is competent to dissolve, the counter is put, the business press, under his team to pull up. This is getting old, Tolya. I have a better offer for you. You're going to work for me. You will earn at least five times more than now, we will help you to realize your gift of controlling the subconscious, in less than a year you will discover new opportunities that you do not yet guess, they are in you, just asleep. I have a strong team, solid organization and solid business.

– To promote murder of people-Anatoly for the first time answered.

The hooded man pondered for a while.