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Nikolay Lakutin
Grey Eminence

Grey Eminence
Nikolay Lakutin

I don't know what you look like, how long you've been around, or where you live, but I figured you out… All events and characters are the author's fiction. Any coincidence of names, surnames and positions of the characters with the real names of living or deceased persons, and took place with anyone in life events is purely coincidental and completely unintentional.

Для подготовки обложки издания использована художественная работа автора. Обложка книги разработана автором в дизайнерской программе и является интеллектуальной собственностью НиколаяЛакутина.

Victory day

You will be surprised, but to fully understand the celebration of victory day we have to start with football. Once I wrote about it briefly now decipher.

Since ancient times on this planet there were two clear leaders, ordinary, seemingly human. They were endowed with the same abilities, which then possessed all people, but went on. Very rapidly was the growth of their spiritual development, knowledge and entered one continuous stream in their heads. They clearly began to stand out from the rest, therefore, and noticed each other. To exchange experience and strengthen their knowledge and level of development, it was decided to merge. These two people have reached such a stage of development that they were allowed from above to take patronage over the processes of development of human society of the Earth. They were called to bring their knowledge and experience to people, to unite all in a single system based on love, on pure, true unconditional love, opening access to the knowledge of the universe, the path to the creators and founders of all visible and invisible.

These two men have been worthy of almost all human trials, and only one failed to pass the test of power, the most difficult of all. This test, like most of the ones you know, is the creation of an even more evolved being known to all under the pseudonym "Satan", who vigilantly watched the formation of the two greatest personalities. Satan has many names, many abilities, many talents, and many experiences. And yet he is not the most developed man on Earth.

I didn't misprint, friends, one of the most startling facts of the biography about Satan for me too was the fact that Satan is a man. A person who has reached a very high level of development of his true essence. He was not the first who was honored to come out of the circle of reincarnations, but he was the first who chose to continue to serve on Earth, although he had the choice to go to a completely different level, a completely different world, if you can call it that. Anyone who only touches this "world" will never want to return to Earth or any other planet, because there is really beautiful. Love there is not the Foundation of society, but the main and only element of which everything consists. It is a world of Light in which everything lives by unconditional love for everything. None of the drugs that exist today can still give a hundredth of those blissful sensations that pulsate in abundance and permeate the whole bright world of our one God. So Satan took upon himself the burden to serve on Earth for the sake of a beautiful future existence and to work on the formation and enlightenment of human SOULS, to promote their strongest and fastest development than it was before. For this was created by primary seven vices:

– pride;



– anger;

– debauchery;

– gluttony;

– laziness.

In such circumstances, the freedom of choice of each person became more apparent. Now she had to be determined every day, and even more than once. In such circumstances, the spiritual growth of the population went much faster, though the balancing side also began to develop actively in the negative direction. But Satan could not do anything about it, for it was only the choice of the people, their sacred right. The issue with a particularly naughty solved through re-incarnation. But now man on Earth was incarnated not 9 times alternately man and woman, as it was before, and out of the circle of reincarnations. Now the number of reincarnations was as much as need until the human Soul has not worked through all of their flaws of past lives. Now it may be 20 and 100 rebirths, time ceased to have meaning for this group of SOULS, important, was only the result.

But let us return to two actively developing personalities who were allowed to take power into their own hands and contribute to the spiritual development of mankind on Earth. Satan sincerely admired them, because, as he once passed this way. He was heartily ill and rejoiced for each successful passing of these two people placed them traps. And now, the last test was the test of power. By that time, the two leaders had organized a circle of the most capable and outstanding people in different fields. Their number was twenty people. And at the last moment, they did not pass the test of power, decided to stop being a part of the General system, the prospect of becoming the leaders of the planet seemed more interesting… So it happened. Now, instead of giving people knowledge, they began to do everything to ensure that people did not receive this knowledge, did not see the light and did not drop their leaders from Olympus. In greedy interests two lions in one cage couldn't get along therefore they were divided into two teams, on ten people of subordinates and the chief Executive – the eleventh.

These two leaders were well aware that they can not fight with each other, too much was the power of each other, so they just distributed among themselves spheres of influence and began to play one common game. As a symbol of this scheme in the foreseeable future after the division there was a world-famous game of football, which instantly spread around the world. The gist of it is that two teams of 11 people kicking a ball. The ball symbolizes the planet Earth, which is played for a long time two teams of the powerful.

I hope I answered the question of why famous players, pleasing their game to the ruling elite, earn unimaginable money. Who and in the name of what finances football and elevates to the rank of the main game in the world.

All wars, economic crises and other human upheavals began to occur with the clear leadership of these two organizations. They plan their activities for hundreds of years in the near future and for millennia in the long term. How do they do it, given the average life expectancy of 40-70 years?

Very simply. At a certain stage of development, a person can consciously reborn into a new body of the child, choose parents, the desired genetic set of chromosomes and all data from a subtle plan, keeping all the experience of previous incarnations. For the two leaders and their entourage – this process is not difficult. So they live for thousands of years, periodically updating the body. By the way, the average duration of their life from 150 to 300 years in one body, there are many techniques to extend the life of the body and keep it young.

This is how these structures have been playing with the Earth for a long time, trying in every possible way to control spiritual flashes, leading spiritually growing people in the wrong direction, because they know what power a person who has reached a certain level of development of consciousness acquires. One such person can easily destroy the entire system, developed and complex over the years by two talented and once striving for Light people.

Now we pass directly to topic!!!

The second world war was planned at least 200 years before its implementation, as well as the first. The third world War was planned first for the 1990s, then moved to 2000, then to 2012, then to 2017, then I will not say on what, so as not to cause panic. But something all the time began to interfere recently in the implementation of plans of power lovers. Let's call them "Destructors" for further simplicity.

The first serious threat to the destructors began to break out of control Stalin and Hitler. It was not very easy guys. They knew about destructors and played a double game for a long time. For their owners, they pretended that acting in accordance with the implementation programme of the war. It was absolutely not important who would win, it was important to reduce the population and remove intractable rulers. There were a few, but they were.

The principle by which presidents have been elected over the last centuries is very simple. I will give a description of how this happened with the newly elected President of one of the European countries in the 1990s. Now he's certainly not, but he left a message. :

A man came into my office, unimpeded through all the security posts and secret bodyguards, of which only I knew. He said:

"Please accept our heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of the victory, we were very rooting for you. I have a little errand for you. In the right pocket of my jacket is a check for $ 10,000,000 that you can cash right now. For this, we will ask you to act in the interests and instructions that you will receive regularly through a closed channel. In case you don't agree, there's a gun in the left pocket of my jacket with a bullet just for you. I don't have time to get out of this office, will be destroyed all your relatives, all relatives, distant relatives, friends, mistresses, illegitimate children. We know everything about you. You don't have time to think. Do not agree, tomorrow in this chair will sit another, we do not care with whom to work."

On the same principle were put at the head of Germany – Hitler, and in the USSR – Stalin. These two leaders had to do with the occult communities whose knowledge made the destructors who they became. Of course, this system could not be liked by any of the leaders of the powers, but by 1993, both the USSR and Germany had accumulated such military potential that the WORLD for the first time had the opportunity to clear itself of destructors. Actually it was a real plan of Stalin and Hitler, they were friends and partners. However, this plan was disclosed and Hitler was taken into circulation. He was given such arguments that forced him to go against Stalin, who until the last moment did not believe that his friend would send troops to the USSR.

So the force is able to bring, finally, the order of the world was skillfully directed against each other and completely destroyed. Destructors have thousands of years of experience and extensive knowledge of those areas, the existence of which people do not know. All of this allows them so much time to drive "for nose" of Earthmen.

Well, folks, now You know whose victory is celebrated and honored may 9?

A few words from the battlefield in 1945.

In the manuscript "Strange man" I wrote that I remember several of my previous incarnations. In 1945, at the 46th year of life with a bullet wound of the shoulder in the dying state, Nikolai Georgievich Pakhomov was buried alive in a trench under German tanks. I remember myself well in this subpersonality. He was a good man, the right one. Thought, of course, not so big, but the word honor and conscience knew firsthand. We then often in the trenches asked each other a question:

What are we fighting for, friend?

Why are we spilling so much blood? After all, we once faced looks with the Germans. They're soldiers just like us. They're human. In their eyes there is no meanness, anger, cruelty. They're just as bright, pure-hearted people as we are. I looked at them and did not understand in the name of what they go to death. They came at us as if not attacking, but performing a sacred duty. Their faces were shining a moment before they died, just like our boys. What did they say that they took up arms and went to the brothers? For that we kill these pure people?

You can wear a different obsession, you can draw any face and voice any tone, but fake eyes – never. I've seen these eyes, seen many of those eyes until mine closed forever. They have no malice and cruelty, they walked as if for a just cause. They were deceived… just like us…

Zero point

Hello, friends. I must say that I began to think about the comfortable and dignified existence of the inhabitants of the Earth much earlier than I began to think.

Paradox? Yes there is no-rather fact. A project to create a universal translator that would allow people from all over the world to communicate freely in any country without computers and other mobile devices was sent to one of the influential companies for free. With it, you can not only speak, but also to perceive information. The price of such a device would be about 2-3$, the model itself would look almost no different from small headphones. Thus, I wanted to take the first step to reunite disparate peoples, to lead people to what they were taken away from. But to know is not beneficial to the powers that be, so that people have the ability to communicate with each other worldwide without any control by the authorities.

One such invention was an engine running on air. What is nice, the air quality would not suffer from this. It wouldn't get any smaller. It would simply be compressed in a certain chamber and under pressure did the work, and this work, in turn, in addition to its direct purpose, further contributed to the production of electric energy, and in an amount hundreds of times higher than the costs necessary to start and maintain a particular engine. What's the meaning of that? This means that installing this engine on cars, the drivers would have come for filling not for the fact that to pay money for gasoline, and in order to give the accumulated electric energy to the special receivers and thus to obtain a certain fee. Yes, friends, this is not a dream, but a fully implemented program, when drivers would go to gas stations in order to receive money. How many kilometers dashed, as generated electrical energy. From this and the amount of profit would directly depend on each individual driver. Such an engine could be implemented in any industry. This would lead to the fact that electricity cost about 10 times cheaper than it is now. We wouldn't know where to put it. First, Russia, and then the whole world would receive an unlimited source of energy, which they themselves constantly produced and replenished. And, as you know, any energy can be transferred from one to another. As you know, this would lead to an inevitable increase in the welfare of the population, countries and the world. Oil, gas, coal-would not be needed. The world would come to a comfortable life and people would finally find time to reflect on the main thing, not on what to feed the family tomorrow. However, there is one caveat. 2% of the population of our land would lose their "dairy cows". Of course, I'm talking about oil tycoons and all those who parasitize on natural resources and people. I understood that these lovely children already saved up so much money and various assets that they could not worry about the welfare about 1500 thousand years more, but feeling of greed, insatiability and ignorance, alas, was stronger than them…

Closed to most eyes information from the book Drunvalo Melchizedek, who by the way, also communicates "with the angels»:

Since Tesla government did not allow the dissemination of knowledge about the zero point. Why? Tesla wanted to give the world the free, unlimited energy it knew would come from using zero-point technology. But George.P. Morgan, the owner of many copper mines, did not want electricity to become free. Instead, he wanted to run electricity through copper wires so that he could measure it, sell it to people and make money on it. Tesla was stopped, and the world has since become controlled.

From that moment in the 1940s, anyone researching zero-point technology and publicly claiming it was killed or disappeared, and so on – until very recently. In 1997, a video company called Lightworks secretly brought together several of these scientists and filmed their work. They gave a historical background on what had happened since the 1940s and demonstrated genuine working models of inventions. They showed machines that generate more electricity than it takes to run them. They showed batteries that never needed recharging. They showed how an ordinary gasoline engine can be converted so that it works on ordinary water, giving more power than it produces, working on gasoline. They showed panels that would produce boiling water forever as long as the outside temperature was 40 degrees above zero on the Fahrenheit scale. They have shown many other scientific inventions that are considered impossible by today's standards.

When Lightworks unveiled it, the video was released in one day and that information was published online ("Free energy: Race to the Zero Point", a 105-minute video of Lightworks – "Free Energy: the Race to Zero Point" It forced the world to change direction. Two weeks later, Japan and England announced that they were very close to solving the problem of thermonuclear fusion. The world began to change.

On February 13, 1998, Germany granted the world's only patent for the invention of a free energy machine, the principle of which is based on carbon – a thin sheet of material that will produce 400 watts of electricity forever. This means that all small devices such as computers, hair dryers, mixers, flashlights, etc.will not need to be connected to any system. This is the end of the past way of life and the birth of a new unlimited free energy.

But back to reality. At the time of writing this manuscript is 2018. Something I do not see huge changes in the above areas, which for 20 years probably would have made itself felt. Gasoline still rises in price, as well as gas, and all other utilities. People began to squeeze even more.

Still draw Your attention, dear reader, that the poles (North and South) of this once beautiful and pure in the consciousness of the planet every year more and more coming of modern technology You notorious the leaders.

There is one small truth, in search of which during the second World War, Richard Byrd made his trip to Antarctica. Read, for the sake of curiosity "Diary of Richard Byrd", learn a lot of interesting things.

Surely You have in the house there is a normal finger battery. Take her hand. Look, there are two poles "plus" and "minus"on it. This battery performs work in the clock or other mechanisms. However, sooner or later it will be de-energized. I present to Your attention the battery, which operates on the principle of zero point and is not discharged under any circumstances-the planet "Earth".

You live on a very simple ball, beautiful people, once a beautiful planet. You thoroughly distorted picture of the perception, forced to forget who You are and what for come here. But, believe me, mine, and by the way, Your true friends don't sleep…