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Nikolay Lakutin
Esotericist. Mind games

Esotericist. Mind games
Nikolay Lakutin

Do you know that you live in a world of the blind? Man being until the end of an unidentified to this day. We know very little of what we might know, and those who know a little more than others are reluctant to spread this knowledge. We see each other, hear, understand, but at the same time, we become less and less sighted…

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Esotericist Mind games Part 1

On the first page of the worn notebook of the doctor of psychological Sciences Romanova was given a brief psychological portrait and the image of his best friend Jacob.

He often drank tea with chocolate in any form, due to the fact that chocolate promotes active brain activity, although this theory was not really proven, but the evidence he did not need.

At school a respectful and empathetic attitude to such disciplines as history and philosophy.

He liked to spend time alone, quietly listening to classical music with his eyes closed, leaning back on a chair.

He was fond of chess. And although he did not reach the level of grandmaster, perhaps due to the lack of worthy rivals, he could easily calculate up to seven, eight combinations in memory, fixing the location of each of the figures.

Incredible pool game. The strange thing is that he never learned to play professionally, there were no teachers, no opportunity to learn, as a child there was no pool table, finally. But God knows what a gift he saw, the place and time of impact, to ordered the guys ball, dispersing others, rolled into the pocket, which was a crazed customer.

This secret he did not disclose to anyone, the only thing he said to me once in a friendly way after a short party:

– I just feel and hit. Set a goal, picked the ball mentally built its trajectory, the impact, the longer you aim, the less chance to hit. A paradox, but in my case it has the character of regularity.

Now it is difficult to say what moved his actions and paradoxical abilities in the open and certainly more of his weight is not disclosed path, but I can firmly say that his main game was played even more mysterious mind…

The last entry on the first page read:

It is not surprising that people of such mindset showed great interest in the esoteric!


– Doctor, you dear man, how long can you wait? – referring to the innocent Romanova customized tone Jacob Smolin.

– What, already?

– Yes, the third instalment in the dry, I'm sorry, but you missed a few masterly strokes.

Yakov took a couple of SIPS of green tea, which was the signature drink of the billiard club.

Even Dmitri Ivanovitch several times applauded, but it's worth it – with a proud smile said Jacob.

– JS, well, I know that you're the talent, and the talent, you're just a man of the era, as I am happy that fate gave me the friendship with such an extraordinary and lovely person like you.

Jacob broke into a smile.

– Well said? inquiry nodded Dr. Romanov.

– Yesterday you praised me more beautiful, you lose the form of Kesha, well, okay, your problems.

– I think so too, I'll accept that, try to survive, to carry this stigma on their decrepit, thirty-five, muscular and wonderfully beautiful shoulders.

– Gentlemen – we killed a servant of the club table will renew or continue exercise in wit?

– We will continue, with your permission-Yakov dared.

– Well, just please do it outside the club, as all the attention is focused on you, not the pool tables, and this does not have a positive impact on our financial profits.

Thank you to you all, see you in a couple of three months – announced to Jacob, and then picked up by the pen of his friend and like a couple ladies with a gentleman, they proceeded to the exit.

Catching a taxi and sitting in the back seat, the doctor asked:

– Are you going somewhere again?

– No!

– thank God…

– I'm leaving this time

Kesha is angry with are you staring at on friend.

– To St. Petersburg for two and a half months. Next week begins a course of graphology, the complete course, holds Professor Stennikov, but you, of course, is nothing says.

– Certainly…

– I'm not surprised.

– Anatoly Z. Stennikov, one of Russia's leading representatives of the theory of parapsychology, what relation it has to the ability to analyze handwriting?

Yasha looked at his friend in surprise.

– Oh, you, subject, however, handsome keshk. The fact is that parapsychology, graphology and a number of other disciplines form one General science, or, more correctly, theory – esotericism. I want to understand something, in four days I will depart, I will arrive, I will share impressions" – leaving the car, the young witty man told.

– Yash? – the doctor called from the departing taxi.

– What?

And palmistry, Anatoly Z. owns?