Summary: How to Live Mindfully with the Help of Meditation. Maria Gorina

Добавлено 16.05.2022
Автор: Smart Reading
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Год издания: 2022
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Notice: This is a SUMMARY of “How to Live Mindfully with the Help of Meditation” by Maria Gorina.

Have you ever tried peeling potatoes, devoting to this activity all your fullness and strength? Have you tried to play with your child the way children play: putting aside thoughts about work, forgetting about your phone and immersing yourself in the construction of a Lego castle? Have you tried listening to your partner, focusing on his or her words, emotions, voice, and not on your thoughts? Consciousness, or mindfulness, is the ability to be in the here and now, to experience the fullness of life. This skill not only makes us healthier, happier and more stress-resistant, it also gives us back our lives – those hours and minutes when we failed to live properly, when we were lost in our thoughts about who knows what. This article is a brief guide to mindfulness: using it to benefit your body, emotions and thoughts, as well as actions and relationships. Read it and live life to the fullest!

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