Life Skills 101. Everything You Need, But Won’t Learn In School

Добавлено 16.05.2022
Автор: Smart Reading
Жанр: Семейная психология
Год издания: 2022
Серия: Чему не учат в школе

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As parents, we want our kids to become successful people with high self-esteem, confidence, and great self-organization skills. There are so many questions they run into growing up, but not a single source of wisdom to answer them all. We get it!
We've found hundreds of best non-fiction books for teens, we read them, we extracted key ideas, organized and visualized them, and… We created a fun visual life-defining book for kids and teens to learn social skills, self-development, confidence, and mindfulness tools in an easy-to-use visual way.
It’s a colorful, practical, and engaging 100-page guide to every soft skill for teens your teenage boy or girl needs to be happy. We covered everything from goal definition and time management to reasonable budgeting and children-parents relationships. While applying the scientifically proven method of visual learning, Life Skills 101 is a book for teens that teaches life skills for teens in a way that is accessible and easy to digest. Whether 10 or 18, your kid won’t be able to put it down (and neither will you).

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