Carbonate Platforms (Special Publication 9 of the IAS)

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Добавлено 12.09.2020
Автор: Maurice E. Tucker
Жанр: Научно-популярная литература
Год издания: 2019

This volume also discusses the computer modelling of carbonate cycles and sequence analysis. This will prove an invaluable text for senior undergraduate and postgraduate students in the earth sciences in general and will also be of value to the professional researcher. Carbonate platforms contains contributions from an international authorship and the volume has been edited by one of the most respected names in the earth sciences. Areas covered include; early rifting deposition; examples from carbonate sequences of Sardinia (Cambrian) and Tuscany (Triassic-Jurassic), Italy; geometry and evolution of platform-margin bioclastic shoals, late Dinantian (Mississippian), Derbyshire, UK; cyclic sedimentation in cabonate and mixed carbonate/clastic environments; four simulation programs for a desktop computer; middle Triassic carbonate ramp systems in the Catalan Basis, N.E. Spain; facies, cycles, depositional sequencies and controls; stages in the evolution of late Triassic and Jurassic platform carbonates; western margin of the Subalpine basin, Ardech, France. The formation and drowning of isolated carbonate platforms; tectonic and ecologic control of the Northern Apennines; controls on Upper Jurassic carbonate build up development in the Lusitanian Basin, Portugal; Hauterivian to Lower Aptian carbonate shelf sedimentation and sequence stratigraphy in the Jura and northern Subalpine chains (southeastern France and Swiss Jura); basement structural controls on Mesozoic carbonate facies in northeastern Mexico; the Aptian-Albian carbonate episode of the Basque-Cantabrian Basis (Northern Spain); general characteristics, controls and evolution; response of the Arabian carbonate platform margin slope to orogenic closing of an ocean basin, Cretaceous, Oman.

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