The generation that matured in the thirties of the last century fell on unprecedented ups and upheavals. All of them passed through the heart of Ivan Nikiforovich Medyanik. New cities are associated with his name: Ozersk in the Urals and Lermontov in the Caucasus. Whoever he has not been in his life: a blacksmith, tinker, driver, tractor driver, tankman, pilot, battalion commander, and senior manager who performed important tasks of the government. When many documents were declassified today, it became known that I.N. Medyanik is involved in those who created the country's nuclear shield. “The Most Russian Person” is one of the documentary stories of V. A. Shatakishvili, dedicated to famous people, participants and creators of history, people of amazing fate, whose meetings gave him life. Shatakishvili is objective and at the same time delicate, he speaks with enthusiasm and interest. His work is full of wisdom and joy, in a simple and an engaging way it conveys to the reader the impressions of the author and with them – the realities of the old, already unfamiliar life.

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