A League of Their Own - The Book of Sporting Trivia: 100% Official

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Год издания: 2019
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The Ultimate Guide to Sport (without having to get out of your chair), from the writers and philosophers behind the award-winning TV show.We understand. It’s too much to ask. The drive down to the ground, the change into your kit, the running around, the sweat, the tweaks and twinges, the showering with team members. This is not what civilised people do. Real sport is about sitting around, watching, complaining, shouting, winning arguments – the taking part is for professionals. Let us amateurs trade insults and engage in one-upmanship with juicy trivia and uncorroborated gossip. This is our role; this is how we contribute.To do this we need ammunition. We need to know more than anyone else, have the weirdest facts, the most obscure trivia. And this is the book we need, filled with bizarre nuggets that will win friends and influence colleagues, how-to sections that reveal the inner workings, greatest ever XIs featuring greatest ever gingers and greatest every beards.If you love sport and love a good argument, and really can’t be arsed to get out of your chair, you’ve come to the right place.

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