Fishing Flies

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Добавлено 21.04.2020
Автор: Smalley
Жанр: Хобби / увлечения
Год издания: 2019

The most complete guide to fishing fliesDescribes every type of fly – freshwater and saltwaterCovers flies from around the worldEvery fly is illustrated with a specially taken photographFlies are tied by some of the world’s most famous fly-tiersCollins Fishing Flies is the encyclopaedic guide to the huge range of flies now being used by the modern fly-fisherman, whether they are fishing for the traditional quarry of salmon and trout, chasing bonefish on the tropical flats of the Caribbean, or stalking pike in the cold fens of East Anglia, and everything in between. Collins Fishing Flies not only describes every type of fly used to catch all types of fresh- and saltwater fish, it also describes every type from every country that is currently used. This unique combination allows the fisherman to select flies that may have never been used in their area, or never used to catch that species of fish, or perhaps both, and thus allow the fish to be offered something different.Collins Fishing Flies is divided into fourteen sections:EARLY FLIESNORTH COUNTRY SPIDERSLARVAE & PUPADRY FLIES AND FLOATING FLIESCUT- OR BURNT-FEATHER WINGSUPWINGED FLY SPINNERFANCY WET FLIES OR LOCH/SEA TROUT FLIESSTREAMERS AND BUCKTAILSFLIES FOR SALMON, SEA TROUT AND STEELHEADSHRIMPS AND PRAWNSSALMON DRY FLIESFLIES FOR SEA-RUN TROUT: SEA TROUT, STEELHEAD, CUTTHROAT AND CHARFLIES FOR FRESHWATER PREDATORSSALTWATER FLIESFor each fly the exact recipe is given, with hints on how to tie the perfect fly, plus a specially commissioned photograph of that fly. In all over 1300 flies are covered in detail.

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