Smart Play. 101 Fun, Easy Games That Enhance Intelligence

Добавлено 22.02.2020
Автор: Барбара Шер
Жанр: Семейная психология
Год издания: 2018

101 SIMPLE WAYS TO MAKE EVERY DAY A SPECIAL DAY! Children who move their bodies as part of the learning process are more stimulated and alert-and they retain more of what they are taught. By sharing the upbeat, joyful activities in Smart Play, you can enhance your child's intelligence, boost his or her confidence, teach academic and motor skills, and provide a lasting foundation for learning. Developed by Barbara Sher over the course of thirty years as a parent, teacher, and play-therapy specialist, this collection of 101 delightful, easy-to-follow games helps children use their bodies to master essential mental skills and concepts. You and your family can play virtually anywhere, with any number of participants, and without special preparation or equipment. So gather the children in your life and get ready to have fun as you open their minds and hearts to new experiences and knowledge. SPECIAL SECTIONS HIGHLIGHT: * Encouraging movement and thinking * Improving motor and social skills * Enhancing language and math skills * Fostering parent-child interaction * Building on children's love of fantasy, action, and rhythm

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