How to be a Social Entrepreneur. Make Money and Change the World

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Автор: Robert Ashton
Жанр: Стартапы и создание бизнеса
Год издания: 2017
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Don't just make money…make a difference. As a social entrepreneur, you can build a business that changes the world. But you will face some unique challenges. This book will prepare you for them. Packed with advice, inspiration and real-life stories, it will help you: Define what you want to do and why you want to do it Find the right kind of funding Build a brand that makes you unique Find a team as motivated and inspired as you are Measure the impact you're having How to be a Social Entrepreneur is the only social enterprise start-up guide you'll ever need. «This is the seminal book on social enterprise» —Martin Murphy, Network 2012 «An essential read for any aspiring or existing social entrepreneur. Full of practical examples of real life social enterprise scenarios and written in Robert's usual uncomplicated format» —Marc Davies, Wales Co-operative Centre Limited, «Social enterprises need social entrepreneurs. This book will help you decide is you've got what it takes to be one» —Peter Couchman, Chief Executive, Plunkett Foundation, «This very practical book will guide you as to what it takes to be a social entrepreneur. Enjoy it and then do it!» —Lord Andrew Mawson OBE, author of The Social Entrepreneur: Making Communities Work, «I was genuinely impressed by how comprehensive it is!» —Peter Holbrook, CEO, Social Enterprise Coalition, «A treasure trove filled with practical insight and knowledge that will give you the edge to start, grow a sustainable and successful social enterprise» —Stephen Gyasi-Kwaw, CEO/Founder Youth Enhancement Int.Ghana «I particularly enjoyed the section on sales, which is a fundamental topic too often neglected» —Andy Brady, '3rd Sector Futures', Anglia Ruskin University, Robert Ashton is a leading small business troubleshooter, entertaining small business speaker and the bestselling author of many business books including How to Start a Business for Entrepreneurs, Instant Entrepreneur and The Entrepreneur's Book of Checklists.

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