The Coconut Diet: The Secret Ingredient for Effortless Weight Loss

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Добавлено 27.12.2019
Автор: Cherie Calbom
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Год издания: 2018
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Discover how the benefits of coconut can change your life!Supercharge your metabolism by adding coconut oil to your diet – the weight simply drops off. Get the right good fat–low carb balance with this easy 21-day plan and discover the research into this miracle food.Coconut oil boosts your metabolism and speeds up weight loss and has a myriad of other health benefits. Ever since an article a decade ago in a US magazine mentioned the weight-loss benefits of coconut oil the demand has soared and thousands of people are including a small amount of oil in their diets.This book provides the scientific information about why this oil works, as well as how to use it.Includes:– how to follow the 21-day plan- why coconut oil raises your metabolic rate- how it helps encourage the production of anti-ageing hormones- how it enhances thyroid function- a 4-week cleansing plan to further boost your energy and health- menu plans and recipes

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