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A. Belyaev
Classics fantasy – 5

– Yes, it so – Gilbert answered, turning over in the mind members of the conservative government whose most had personal large interests in the coal industry.

– But most important question: whether workers will go to it? Whether they will agree «to fade» periodically for the period of unemployment?

– Will agree! The need will force! – with conviction Carlson told. – People with hunger are hung up, burn, and here like rest! Of course, it was able to approach it is necessary. First of all it is necessary to find daredevils who would agree to subject themselves to anabiosis. This should promise the first the large amounts of remuneration. When they revive», they should use as advertizing. Then at first it will be necessary to promise monetary support to families. But of course, it is necessary to stop up a throat and to some of the working aristocracy consisting in leaders of so-called labor movement. And further you will see that further everything will go like clockwork. The unemployed will «be frozen» by the whole families. And the terrible evil – unemployment – will be destroyed. At you will be given a free hand. Extraordinary prospects will open for you! Millions, tens of millions will begin to flow in your safes and fireproof cases! Decide! Tell «yes», and I will submit you all estimates, plans and calculations tomorrow.

The common practical sense said to Gilbert that all this fantastic plan was a pure gamble. But Gilbert endured such financial position when the person before fear of inevitable crash rushes to the ventures. And Carlson drew such tempting prospects! The large businessman and the businessman was ashamed to admit to himself that it as he drowning, is ready to grasp this chimerical straw of «frozen human flesh».

– Your project is too unusual. I will think and I will give you the answer!.

– Think, think! – willingly Carlson agreed, rising from a chair. – I do not dare to detain you – and it left, smiling enough. – Pecks! – cheerfully he shouted, being dipped into the bubbling copper of traffic of City.


– Carlson, you ruined me! – with a sour mine Gilbert spoke. – I spent enormous funds for the equipment underground телохранилищ. I throw money for advertizing and our announcements. And nevertheless for all month of a newspaper campaign any person wishing to subject himself to the first public experience of freezing despite the good remuneration offered by us was not. Obviously, life of workers is not so bad, Carlson as socialists shout of it! And eventually, if anabiosis such safe piece why to you, Carlson not to subject itself to the first experience?

– Me?

– Well, you!

– Me? – once again Carlson asked and tousled the shchetinisty hair. – I am ready! Yes, yes! I am ready! But what will become with all business? It will fall asleep together with me! No, lulling others, somebody should be awake! I am a schemer! Without such as I, the whole world would plunge into anabiosis hibernation!

Their altercations were stopped by knock of an entrance door. The office included extraordinary lean person with the scarf which is reeled up around a long neck. By the light of a strong lamp big round points of the visitor sparkled as automobile headlights. He cleared the throat and stretched issue of the newspaper.

– I according to the announcement. Hello! May I introduce myself. Eduard Lesley, astronomer.

Carlson was driven by a sphere to the visitor.

– Are very glad to get acquainted with you! I ask to sit down! You wish to subject yourself to experience? Our conditions are known to you? We will pay you the considerable sum and we will provide a family with lifelong pension in a case… um… But of course, this case will not occur!.

– It is not necessary! Khe-khe… Remuneration is not necessary. My name, apparently, says enough that I do not need money. – Lesley frowned. – At me another… to a khe-kha, damned cough…

– From the scientific purposes, so to speak?

– Yes, scientific, but only not of what you, probably, think. I am an astronomer as told you. I wrote big work about group Leonid which fell in November from the Leo constellation…

Lesley has again a fit of coughing, having grasped with a hand a breast. Having cleared the throat, he quickened and suddenly with great feeling started talking:

– This group was observed by Humboldt in South America in one thousand seven hundred ninety ninth. It perfectly described this wonderful heavenly phenomenon. Then Leonida approached Earth in the one thousand eight hundred thirty third or one thousand eight hundred sixty sixth. Waited for them through the usual period of time in thirty three – thirty four years, in one thousand eight hundred ninety ninth. But here to them there was misfortune… Da-with, misfortune! They too close approached the planet Jupiter which attraction rejected them from a usual orbit, and now they pass the way at distance of two million kilometers from Earth so they are almost invisible to us…

Lesley made a pause again to clear the throat.

Carlson for a long time expressing impatience tried to use this pause.

– Allow, dear professor, but what relation the falling Leonida’s stars, the Leo constellation and Jupiter have to our enterprise?

Lesley pulled a long neck and with some irritation tutorially noticed:

– Have patience to listen to the end, the young man! – And it, having defiantly turned on a chair, addressed Gilbert: – I am busy with difficult calculations about which I will not speak in detail. These calculations are connected with destiny of group Leonid. Accuracy of my calculations is challenged by my respectable colleague Zauyer…

Gilbert exchanged glances with Carlson. Whether they deal with the maniac?

This eye was caught by Lesley, and, with irritation having pulled a neck, it ended the speech, having sent the round points to a ceiling as if calibrating the thoughts to the sky:

– I am sick… the last stage of tuberculosis.

– But you at the wrong door addressed, dear professor! – Carlson told.

– To the address! All right – with to listen to the end. I am sick and I will die soon. And the next emergence Leonid in the field of our sight can be expected only in one thousand nine hundred thirty third. I will not live up to this time. Meanwhile I can prove the case to the scientific world only as a result of additional observations. And here I ask you to subject me to anabiosis and to return to life in one thousand nine hundred thirty third, then to ship in anabiosis again, awakening in one thousand nine hundred sixty fifth, then in one thousand nine hundred ninety eighth and, at last, in two thousand twenty first. It is clear? – And Lesley filled the eyepieces on interlocutors.

– Absolutely it is clear! – Gilbert answered. – But, dear professor, by then your scientific opponent can die and you will have nobody to prove your case!

– We, astronomers, live in eternity! – with pride Lesley answered.

– All this is very entertaining – Carlson told. – I see that anabiosis – very good thing for astronomers. You, for example, can ask to wake you when the Sun goes out to check fidelity of your calculations. But we – not astronomers – are interested closer future. Now we need only experience as proof of the fact that anabiosis is absolutely harmless and safe for life. Therefore we stipulate that stay in anabiosis did not last more than a month. Second condition: processes of immersion in anabiosis and returns to life have to happen publicly.

– I agree to it. But month does not suit me at all! – And the upset Lesley began to tie a scarf around the long neck.

– Allow – Gilbert stopped it. – We could make so: we «awaken» you in a month, and then we immerse you in anabiosis on any to you time again!

– Perfectly! – the pleased Lesley exclaimed. – I am ready!

– You have to sign a number of obligations and statements that you of own will subject yourself to anabiosis and you have no claims to us in case of a failure. It only for formality, but nevertheless…

– He agrees, agrees to everything! Here to you my hand! Report when I am necessary to you! – And the pleased Lesley quickly left office…

– Well? Pecked? – Carlson repeated the favourite expression when Lesley left, and tapped of Gilbert on the shoulder. Gilbert frowned from this familiarity.

– Not absolutely the fact that it is necessary for us. Here if to steam of workers who would trumpet then in mines.

– There will be also workers! Patience, my young friend as this astronomer speaks!

– It is possible to enter? – At a door of office the shaggy head was pushed.

– Please, I ask you!

The office included the young man in a yellow checkered suit. Having made theatrical gesture a wide-brimmed hat, the stranger was introduced:

– Мерэ. Frenchman. Poet.

And, without expecting a reciprocal greeting, it drawlingly began:

Was tired of torment of expectation,

Was tired to chase a dream,

Was tired of happiness and suffering,

I was tired to be oneself.