Nika Veresk
In the shadow of the stolen light

Derek nodded in agreement. He was already at the door when he turned and added with unconcealed gratitude.

“Thank you for agreeing to help me.”

In the morning, before the Council meeting, Lora put on her trainers and set off to the viewpoint as had been a custom of hers for many years. It was almost a ritual to go jogging down the endless dark circle for an hour, throwing away every single thought and listening only to her breathing and the rhythm of her body. But today she didn’t run. Instead she sat down on the cool floor right at the glass window and probably for the first time looked at the empty space overboard: not simply with a belief that a new home was awaiting them somewhere, but with a hope that this home may be Earth.

“Paul told me I would find you here,” a quiet male voice distracted her from her thoughts. She looked around. Derek was behind her.

“I come here every morning for a jog,” explained the girl.

“He said that you always come out in this sector. Any particular reason?”

“The least number of ships approach the transport terminal in this place because there are repair docks under us,” answered Lora.

“I was lucky that you didn’t run far away from the teleport cabin,” grinned the young man, “I had no idea that you’re so keen on exercise.”

“It’s more of a meditation than exercise,” shrugged the girl.

“Sitting in such a position it certainly looks like it,” smiled Derek, “Can I join you?”

He sat next to her and crossed his legs, looking at a rather monotonous landscape outside.

“I don’t know how to meditate. But, I’m sure I’ll easily fall asleep after five minutes if not earlier.”

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