Daniel Gimaev
Five brilliant artifacts of a mysterious programmer

Meeting me there with brown-eyed,

Provided for in a brotherly way,

Because beyond the woods,

For the taiga with blueberries,

They’ll give me a fucking welcome,

And in Russian with miracles.

West, East

West, East,
At the top of the gulp,
On the fingers of the chill,
You know everything yourself,
There is no place for rivers,
Lam flows in the desert,
West, East,
And there’s a bundle in your pocket,
Secret powder,
Give us a tribute, Lord, give us a hand,

And all in half.

Through west to east

Through the west to the east,
The source of the war lay
,The cavalry went through the forests,
There were wolf spots there.

Through thickets and weeds,
The caravan
passed by, Days and weeks passed,
Strands, already sat.

There were different, honest people,
Here the whole front rallied,
We ate bread and cooked cabbage soup,
In the end, we won.

Let you dream

The hills above the sky swam,

The fog covered them with a veil,

Where have you gone on the wind,

Probably to the arches of the earth,

Where the sea breeze rejoices,

We’ll be happy there-believe me,

I don’t need snow with you,

But only the warmth of your lips,

You know I don’t need taiga,

I like a breeze for two.

Let you dream,

Colorful Nice,

Meetings on the shore,

Scarlet sunsets hum.

This mana is just for us,

Below, the surf hits the wharves,

We are carried by the north wind,

We, like animals, through the fragile crust,

Like birds we will fly up,

We are like people, but they are not,

Just you and me, in this case,

We were joined, lay down through the calm,

The spirit of the Earth rose-for tea,

You know, even the hound verse.

My life is mine again

Days pass, and you’re alone,

Just two paths, two ends,