Daniel Gimaev
Five brilliant artifacts of a mysterious programmer

It is covered with snow, all taiga,

Miracles are around every corner,

There are bears walking barefoot.

Northern Lights at once,

Decorated the sky all for you,

Cranberries, wild garlic for you and me,

This place was chosen by fate.

Here people work, grow,

And they get married here too,

And friendship is Siberian,

One holds Cities together here.

More from Danila

More from Danila,
After the power coup,
Danila himself, too,
Not inferior to Gaucher,
Still, Roman has,
Summer cottages in the Caribbean,
And at Petya and Valya’s,
In cubic meters more,
Well, they ask Vova,
Take care of widows,
More at Karina’s,
Mercedes, Niva,
At the bandit Pasha’s,
There were two Natashas.

Chocolate chips

Chocolate chips,

May I eat with you,

I’ll smear the corner of my mouth,

But then zatru made love,

Chocolate chips,

I loved to eat a lot since childhood,

I didn’t like cheese and ryashka,

We lost a lot of crumbs,

Chocolate chips,

You’re from memory basket,

You’re as sweet as a gift of carrots,

And it’s so hard to improve.


How much is opium for the people,

Ask how generous nature is to us,

Lenin, he was the first to praise the box,

Now on the box is his anthem,

Proletarians of all countries twist,

People from the people stir up,

Muti b hymn another, because they look,

But the goose is not a companion of the pig, holy,

He said we’d have cooks,

Edit from the kitchen, because they will sit down,

Vixens at the TV,

Why then does he use communism,

I wanted to plant it and planted it after all,

Perhaps he meant well.

Maybe he was right.

Lava flow