Daniel Gimaev
Five brilliant artifacts of a mysterious programmer

To justify Zavara.


Wolf, you’re cool in captivity,

And tear with oblivion our famously,

But we are brothers by blood,

Together we shed and together we are,

For likhom you to the bear, on better,

Come, he sleeps soundly in the den,

But don’t wake up a sleeping bear,

After all, together with the dashing you will know the roar,

And the bear has it, oh, oh what,

Sit still, he might say,

Or will he wake up fraternally, so peacefully,

And you will embrace, shake the forest,

After all, he is the only owner and besides,

He knows the forest, he has lived a long time,

Teach the gray shaggy wisely,

And you will not be gray, but a kid.

The most important thing is not to waste everything on the wind

There were many brave cowboys,

Where they are now, here, believe me,

Do you read the Koran, do you honor Krishna,

do you observe the Bible or the Torah?

You’re a Buddhist, you go to all the temples,

Anyway, I’ll be right, of course,

There are the living, there are the dead, Prado,

There are a lot of other brands,

Don’t forget the live ones,

We still have buckshot in our guns.

The most important thing is not to waste everything,

Put everything on the cherished right goal,

Wait for luck, it will be hard, but you are alive,

And alive, you’re better than dead, light it up.

There is no place for the living, in the kingdom of the saints,

They are icons, and not in the gut,

You can hit them if you can see their eyes,

Don’t blink, feel twice,

Be sure of your own example,

You find your way while you’re here,

While you’re awake, you go ahead,

But you’ll be set in stone if it comes,

Success and money, fame fuse,

Hit the target and take it, you are not lost.

You’re not guarding the chief

You’re not protecting the boss,

The apple of your eye,

God you guard the camp,

So there will be nothing.

You’re not protecting the boss,

So there will be no one with him,