Nikolay Lakutin
Is there life after marriage

Attitude to drugs: Never took.

Financial position: non-permanent earnings.

Accommodation: Live with a partner or spouse (s).

Knowledge of languages:

– Russian

Mode of day: I – "owl" (I like to sleep late).

Priority in life:

– Creative realization.

– A lot of sex.

– Family, long-term relationship.

– Emotional balance.

Is it important for you to have a religious partner / friend? No.

Appearance: Mixed.

Sexual preference:

Orientation: Bisexual.

Turns me on:

– Stockings.

– Shoes.

– Clothes.

– Underwear.

– Skin.

– Rubber, latex.

– Metal.

– Smells.

– Tattoos or piercings.

– Domination or submission.

– Restriction of mobility or binding.

– Pain.

There is a homosexual experience: Yes, only sex.

Have heterosexual experiences:

Happily married=)

How often would like to have sex:

Looking for a girl for rare meetings, perhaps with my husband. Also looking for joint TFP photo shoots and showcasing their hand-made non-standard products.

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