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Оскар Уайльд
The Duchess of Padua

You see I have no power with the Duke,
But if you go into the court without,
My almoner shall from my private purse,
Divide a hundred ducats ’mongst you all.

First Citizen

God save the Duchess, say I.

Second Citizen

God save her.


And every Monday morn shall bread be set
For those who lack it.

[Citizens applaud and go out.]

First Citizen [going out]

Why, God save the Duchess again!

Duke [calling him back]

Come hither, fellow! what is your name?

First Citizen

Dominick, sir.


A good name!  Why were you called Dominick?

First Citizen [scratching his head]

Marry, because I was born on St. George’s day.


A good reason! here is a ducat for you!
Will you not cry for me God save the Duke?

First Citizen [feebly]

God save the Duke.


Nay! louder, fellow, louder.

First Citizen [a little louder]

God save the Duke!


More lustily, fellow, put more heart in it!
Here is another ducat for you.

First Citizen [enthusiastically]

God save the Duke!

Duke [mockingly]

Why, gentlemen, this simple fellow’s love
Touches me much.  [To the Citizen, harshly.]
Go!  [Exit Citizen, bowing.]
This is the way, my lords,
You can buy popularity nowadays.
Oh, we are nothing if not democratic!

[To the Duchess.]

Well, Madam,
You spread rebellion ’midst our citizens.


My Lord, the poor have rights you cannot touch,
The right to pity, and the right to mercy.


So, so, you argue with me?  This is she,
The gentle Duchess for whose hand I yielded
Three of the fairest towns in Italy,
Pisa, and Genoa, and Orvieto.


Promised, my Lord, not yielded: in that matter
Brake you your word as ever.


You wrong us, Madam,