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Aldivan Teixeira Torres
Wound Scars

—OK. (The others)

The night progresses and the cold increases ever more. The scouts gather round the fire to get warm and to talk a bit more. There, in that piece of ground, each one takes advantage of his individuality to absorb the teachings of the mother earth and the son of God. The gravest case was Tadeu’s who was carrying deep ”Wound scars”, which have not healed yet, but he was not the exception. Messias Escapuleto, Emanuel Melkin Escapuleto, Paulo Lacerda and even the master of light himself have all suffered. The difference between them was that the latter, was capable of overcoming it, and go forward with his life. “The seer” was a rare case prepared to teach and to listen to his superiors, subordinates and friends. This was a very important lesson for mankind in general.

Besides the learning and the adventure, the trip was a great opportunity of freedom from life’s monotony. How many times haven’t we got bored or get into a deep depression for the simple fact of a routine repetition? Whenever we reach this point, the best thing to do is to change drastically: Talk, walk, learn new things, watch TV, go to the cinema, read a book, are just a few things we can do to change our routine. Our brain demands a constant fluctuation between the various pleasurable activities in life. We cannot stop.

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