Sara Douglass
Starman: Book Three of the Axis Trilogy

“Is this her?”

“It must be – can you not feel the tug of her blood against the shoreline?”

“Her? Truly?”

She moved to one side, away from the prods and the queries, but only met more.

“How can we know it is her?”

The voices sounded angry, disturbed, and she was frightened.

“It would be too dangerous to make a mistake. Too dangerous now.”

“Are you dangerous, unknown woman?”

Her hand flew to her throat where a finger had poked painfully and those about her gasped.

“She wears the Circle!”

“She does!”

“What is your name, Circle-wearer?”

“Did you steal it?”

She turned around in the darkness, trying to see. “My name is Azhure. And no, the ring was given to me.”


“Oh, the name!”



Her eyes flew open to meet StarDrifter’s smiling face.

“Wake up, lovely lady. It is morning and the Temple awaits. Wake up.”

“StarDrifter?” Azhure sat up, her eyes bleary with lack of sleep.

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