Daniel Gimaev
Five brilliant artifacts of a mysterious programmer

You’re protecting your name

,so you’re a hoo-hoo.

You’re not protecting the boss,

Machine gunner, smuggler,

If anything, call me, bro,

You’re an imperialist.

You’re not protecting the boss,

So you’re like a beautiful psycho,

In the rear of the bandits is a diamond,

Just like in the picture, the strongest.

Pasha got up on the clock

Pasha got up on the clock,

They’re like a Mazda,

You hear the engine, and wah,

What is the basis for everything there?

If they twist Pasha’s hands,

Natasha won’t help either,

And we guys, in general,

We look at it through the Kalash.

If there are any problems there,

We don’t need polemics,

Solve them yourself, Nastya will say,

We’re sharper than a pencil.

When sudarushka arrives,

The fate of his suit is black,

Then you’ll get a pretty penny,

And to our hut prelai.


A cold email,

There are only lines of pain in it,

A feather is stuck in my heart,

It oozes blood,

And if you will,

He won’t come back,

I’m sorry, but we have stenches,

Like the marshes at the head of the bed.

Believe it or not,

But there are many turfs in life,

And if in the dawn of years,

You’re your own man, believe me.

When it arrives,

Only the north will save me,

And if you’re safe,

It will only be clover.


Your nickname, of course, is Watchdog,

Fits your collar,

You’re torn and I want to let go,

But you’re not coming back bandit bos,

I’ll let you go, but only for a moment,