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Anneli Melu
Vermouth Thunder. One Killer Story

Vermouth Thunder. One Killer Story
Anneli Melu

Vermouth Thunder is an "Englishman in NewYork". In srnse he s an alien on Earth, and wasnt to come back home. But that is not so easy to do. He have to kill a few people to close the ring of death. Will he make his goal complete? Read to find out. Содержит нецензурную брань.

Anneli Melu

Vermouth Thunder. One Killer Story

A cat is a substance that can be in solid, liquid and gaseous state …

Lessa Kauri. Dragonfly for the dead


It took me an effort to pretend to be asleep. The killer walked by, but smoke from the muzzle of his pistol scorched my face. Or a muzzle? Indeed, who would kill a cat? How can she testify even if she wanted to?

The woman on the floor writhed in pain, the gaping wound in her belly was bleeding, and she soon subsided. When Thunder was out of sight, I went over and licked her face. It was still warm. It was impossible to transform now, it was unsafe, and besides, there was nothing I could do to help this unfortunate woman. The police are coming soon and we have to leave.

I've met Thunder before. He has eyes that you will never forget, and you will have nightmares in your dreams, in which he comes to shake your whole soul out of you or even kill you. Thunder is an ideal assassin who makes no mistakes, and his super abilities are an excellent defense for him, because mere mortals are simply not able to move at such a speed. Several times people went out on his trail, he was pursued with helicopters and combat aircraft, but all was in vain. And today I saw him in action.

My super abilities also helped me. Every time I was in danger, I, like a werewolf, changed my appearance and no one could understand where I had gone. I am deliberately specifying "like a werewolf" because I am not a werewolf. And not a comic book hero, although "catwoman" is perhaps the most suitable name for me.

And my name is Mala, we will know each other.

"Well, that's all, goodbye dear!" – Thunder looked the deceased directly in the eyes. He had to kill so many times that if he started counting, he would certainly fall asleep somewhere in between. The sharp pain that covered his victims made them writhe and twist, and this, in truth, caused his disgust.

Madame Piescu was not pleasant – she worked as a teacher at school, often bringing children to tears. Once, because of her, a high school student even hanged himself. But that's not why he killed her. It's just that the "roulette of life" pointed to it – it was supposed to be next. In all fairness, it should be noted that there were no good people on his “short list”.

He was not just a killer: he was a killer with compassion and empathy. Even if the tape indicated the victim, it turned out that he was a good person, he missed it. Sometimes there was a rare chance to destroy a true monster – then Grom did not hesitate, not regretting anything, depriving the victim of life.

I closed my eyes and replayed the events of the evening in my mind. I remember how the hollow barrel of a pistol buried in my face. The thunder was calm. He just wondered whether to kill me or not. Frankly, I felt very sad then at the thought that this was our last meeting. Grom had an eerie face covered with scars, he looked like a real killer. Why is he hesitating? I braced myself for the taste of steel on my tongue. But that did not happen. He just got up and walked away.

“You are probably perplexed and think that I should have killed this cat? He mused on his way to Ozzy House on Seven Mountains. "You know, I have never seen a cat harm anyone anywhere, in any Universe."

Plus, he was superstitious. To kill a black cat means to get setbacks a hundred times more serious than if he crossed your path. "Mrs. Piescu will be found today with a Y-shaped scar on her body – soon they will be close to solving, and I will be on my way home." Grom rubbed the muzzle of his trusty weapon in his pocket and, anticipating a quick trip, grinned contentedly.


– Just imagine, Caesar! – I, languidly closing my eyes, went over in my memory the events of the past day. “He aimed it right at me! He was aiming for my face! – I grimaced, so that it turned out something like a smile. – Well, that is, in the face.

My ginger cat listened, humming with pleasure, devouring his favorite wet food. Unlike me, Caesar did not have the gift of reincarnation and was not originally a man, but was just an ordinary … yard cat. And he was no different from his fellows, except that the extremely silky and shiny marble-red fur.

I closed my eyes dreamily.

And still cool! I met one on one with Vermouth Thunder himself, and survived. Even if I dared to tell someone about it, no one would believe me!

The thunder was cheerful. “Well, Madame Piescu, today you are unlikely to have dinner with your family, and tomorrow you will not continue to torment children. You had a bad temper, Madame Piescu! " He thought as he walked up the night street to Piazza Como. Whenever Thunder had to kill someone, he felt relief. “One more vile likeness of the soul has become less” – this is how he justified himself, setting himself a mission – to cleanse the city from filth. And, of course, return home.

Thunder was not human, nor was he an alien in the full sense of the word. Thunder was a cross between man and sphinxes – alien kvashi-creatures that lived in the distant system of twelve suns. It was thanks to this unusual incest that people from his planet possessed supernatural powers.

He had a great day today and he wanted to celebrate. There were no more murders in his plans for today, and he went to a bar in Piazza Como, next to the apartment he rented in a cottage on the Seven Mountains.

The bar was called simply: "Oyster". They served excellent oysters and beer. The stalker never made casual acquaintances, if the need arose, he simply eliminated a person who could recognize him. But in this bar everyone was usually so drunk that nobody cared about anyone.

Thunder pushed the wooden door with its barrel and hid the pistol, which he kept at the ready while walking down the street, into the far pocket. It was hot in the Ostrichnaya, it smelled of beer and shrimp. The thunder went to the far table and sat in the very corner with his back to the main crowd.

While he was waiting for the waiter to approach him, he thought that there were only 8 murders left and then he could fly away. He's been on this planet for too long already.

The scheme according to which Grom killed was quite simple, but still confusing. It was a kind of sacrifice ritual.

12 people who made up the "ring of the sphinx" – had to die, then the portal of death would open. This was the only way to return to his planet in the Galaxis 12 system, to the planet of 12 suns – Severs 12. He carved the letter "U" on the bodies of the victims – so that the sphinx ring would eventually close and the death portal would work. In addition, he "flirted" with the police, leaving them these signs, and knowing that when they find out what is really going on, he will be far from here. There were four victims behind. And eight more to come.

Severs 12 was inhabited by sphinx-like people, or human-like sphinxes – some of them looked just like people, some – like predators with human heads, and some – like the most ordinary aliens – blue skin, elongated heads. But they were not native to Severs. But everyone, absolutely everyone, possessed a whole spectrum of supernatural abilities. However, they were supernatural for humans, but not for the inhabitants of the planet Severs 12.

For the inhabitants of Severs, such things as teleportation, telepathy, instant tissue regeneration, movement in space and time at ultrasonic speeds were the norm. All this made them significantly superior to people, but they rarely encountered them (in their pure form). Galaxis 12 was so far from the solar system, in which the Earth was located, that there was practically no chance for an inhabitant of the Earth to meet a sphinx or a humanoid sphinx. But Thunder was here many years ago as a child.

And he had no other choice but to grow up on this alien planet for him. During his stay on Earth, he became convinced that people are disgusting creatures, although there were quite decent individuals among them. They did not respect personal space at all, they never helped each other, they were at enmity with or without reason. They also killed animals for food – and this made Thunder sick in his stomach.

The only kind of "meat" that he could afford was sea creatures. there were also reservoirs on the Severs. The inhabitants of Severs were half "feline" – so there was no need for them to kill large animals.

Plus, according to Grom, it was unhygienic. Animal meat was a carrier of disease and infection.

Thunder was completely lost in his thoughts when someone called out to him:

– Anything?

He turned and saw the waiter's head bowed politely towards him. The guys worked here good, they never asked unnecessary questions.

– Yes, – Thunder cleared his throat, – Please, beer 0, 5, German, and a plate of shrimp.

– Of course! I'll bring it in a couple of minutes. Anything else?

– No, that's all, thanks.

The waiter left.

Thunder scanned the crowd. There were a lot of all sorts of trash here – accomplices, scammers, but there were also ordinary guys who came in for a drink in companies. However, literally they were all disgusting to Thunder. He didn't like people.

After a couple of minutes, suddenly one drunken man stood up and went to the Thunder table. As if by his behavior he wanted to confirm the guesses of a person from the planet Severs 12 that people are unpleasant and arrogant creatures. When Grom came in, he noticed how he was looking at him, but did not attach any importance to it.

In 3 minutes the peasant covered the distance between the tables, and, finding himself near the Thunder table, stood close to it, pouring over it with a caustic vapor of fumes.

– And you … – barely connecting the words, he said – You …! Why are you sitting here, watching everyone …? I saw you yesterday at the Heavenly Gates, you are secretive mmm … -tttype. Freak … – said the stranger to Thunder and hiccupped.

Thunder looked at him. “You apparently don't know who you are dealing with, you asshole,” he thought, starting to breathe loudly because his anger was choking him. For once, he decided to drink beer in peace!

He had already put his hand on the handle of the pistol and was thinking that he might have to make a little noise, when suddenly the standing one swayed and fell on those sitting behind him. "Heck!" – I heard from those sitting at the next table. "Damn drunk!" – a couple were indignant – a man and a woman, who were just sitting there. They began to clear the fallen man from the table, a fuss arose. Waiters arrived and the drunkard, who was running into a fight, was carried out into the street. Thunder has already stopped drinking beer, and, apparently, would have left if SHE had not entered the bar.