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Maikl Sosnin
Creating global brand. 2

Creating global brand. 2
Maikl Sosnin

2 part For any manager of any position from General manager in regional companies, Regional manager in international companies. Basic knowledge to understand how modern international business work.

Creating global brand


Maikl Sosnin

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Usually I start telling about location in the middle and this is only second part of the book, so must be good reason to change tradition.

Any information structuring – the most serious practice for any manager of any rank, said one my professors in Oxford.

Let’s say – I must issue one point of information a week, a book, an essay, blog article, interview in audio \ video formats – well, any.

When we will speak about location, we will speak in reality about how to unite all locations of your company.

By word unite I mean any way of communication that everybody accept – formally accept and formally agree with the source and with the person.

And when you do writing you do it for three reasons: unite your people, make world know about your product, make personal promoting.

Well… location.

How many countries do world has today – the answer for this simple stupid question from elementary school will make your business global.

I remember when I for the first time realized how much leadership has in common with any religion of the modern world!

Sorry for such sentence in such book, but I like this example so and so much, do not be afraid when you also see this.

What I mean by telling this very strange thing in a serious book about international business and international finance?

Well, suddenly I realized that I do not want to know how many countries there are in the modern world… who are they?

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