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Maikl Sosnin
Creating global brand. 3

Creating global brand. 3
Maikl Sosnin

3 part of the book. For any manager of any position from a General manager in regional companies or a Regional manager in international companies. Basic knowledge to understand how modern international business work.

Creating global brand


Maikl Sosnin

© Maikl Sosnin, 2017

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I want to ask: do you believe in your people?

Answer to this simple common question will be devoted this part of the book – people.

Your people.

Earnestly speaking, if your answer yes you can stop reading.

If you answer no you also can stop reading here.

What I mean?

We will speak about your team.

Usually these two basic schemes of management are determined by the person of the owner.

I know equally good examples as for the first situation, as the second.

But my idea was following: if you believe in your team, you do not need this chapter.

And if not also.

Because the idea that I want to discuss here – trusting.

This can be very much philosophical matter.

Yes, this book a lot about global things, common things, philosophy and even religion.

I mean who you must be to be able to create.

I hope we agreed in the idea that university can do it only 50% or less.

What is 50%?

I am still looking truly speaking.

You are too much good professional, so my job is only to ask – do you believe in your people?

And in practise I ask this very very often.


Because this is the basis of any business, yes?

To believe in somebody means to believe he is the best in his profession or in what he do.

I believe in my wife for example.

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