10 Classic Christmas stories

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December is a time for traditions and rituals, from hanging the familiar decorations and singing carols to making that family Christmas cake recipe or sharing a seasonal story.
We’ve picked ten classic books with a festive theme that have timeless appeal and will give parents and grandparents the warm glow of nostalgia as they introduce them to a new audience. In many families, Christmas traditions consist of gathering around the tree and reading the old classic Christmas stories. Christmas Eve is the perfect time to do this. Whether you like to listen to stories together for several nights in December or just one,we’re certain that you’ll enjoy listening to these classic Christmas stories as a family!
Our collection includes the following Christmas stories: A Letter from Santa Claus by Mark Twain, A Christmas Inspiration by Lucy Maud Montgomery, The Tailor of Gloucester by Beatrix Potter, A Kidnapped Santa Claus by Lyman Frank Baum, Vanka by Anton Chekhov, Christmas Every Day by William Dean Howells, The Three Kings by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The Fir Tree by Hans Christian Andersen, Christmas in India by Joseph Rudyard Kipling, A Christmas Carol by Gilbert Keith Chesterton.

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