Here I Am, Lord

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Добавлено 31.07.2020
Автор: Aaron Ametorwo
Жанр: Христианство
Год издания: 2020
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The book provides important notes for Mass Servers in the performance of their roles during the liturgical and para-liturgical celebrations in the Church. This books highlights to Catholics, and in particular, Mass Servers, basic knowledge they need to have about the Holy Mass and outside it. It includes prayers and responses, as well as the right dispositions to be observed at Mass. It is updated with responses from the New Order of the Mass. The book again takes the reader through the seasons of the liturgical calendar, some forms of celebration and common terminologies that should be at the fingertips of a Catholic. To the Mass Server, it provides a guide to all areas in the ministry. Included in the book are coloured pictures of some sacred vestments, vessels and linens.

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