The Beast in the Jungle

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Добавлено 09.11.2019
Автор: Henry James
Жанр: Историческое фэнтези
Год издания: 2019
Оценка: 0.0
Рецензии в лоцмане: нет рецензий
Скачать: epub

At the reception in the rich manor there are not the first youth mister and also not a young lady anymore. Both belong to the same circle of birth, but the financial affairs of a man are in somewhat better condition. It all seems to him that he is meant for something great and terrible that will destroy his own life and the lives of loved ones – like a sudden fit of madness or, yes, how many anything can be options. It is like seeing yourself as a thicket in which the beast is hiding for the time being.

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