The Dolliver Romance

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Добавлено 08.11.2019
Автор: Nathaniel Hawthorne
Жанр: Историческое фэнтези
Год издания: 2008
Оценка: 0.0
Рецензии в лоцмане: нет рецензий
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Dr. Dolliver, a worthy character of great antiquity. A person’s desire for an immortal existence, an attempt to satisfy which would be stated in various ways: first, through the selfish old sensualist, Colonel Dabni, who greedily grabbed the mysterious elixir and took his draft so that he died on the spot; then, through the plain old Grandir, longing to live for Pansy; and, perhaps, through Pansy herself, who, having come to enjoy some kind of ennobling love, would like to defeat death so that she can always maintain the perfection of her worldly happiness – all these forms of desire to be united are higher, a play of shadows that should direct our mind to true immortality outside of this world.

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