The Camford Visitation

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Жанр: Научная фантастика
Год издания: 2019
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Wells’s treatise on education is set in the region of Camford (Cambridge/Oxford), and tells of a visitor who proves that education can save the world from destruction. The story centres around a Utopian ’ventriloquist’ who subjects human life and in particular its treatment by the University of Camford to sympathetic but quite unsparing scrutiny. At its core, it was a warning to the educational world of imminent war and of its lack of action, as well as an exploration of the place of education in society. Contents include: „Mr Trumber’s Experience”, „In the Cramb Meadows”, „Mr Preeders Pigeon-holes”, „The Communist Party is Annoyed in its Turn”, „Congregation Day”, and „The Healing Touch in History”. In this short tale of 75 pages Wells summarises many of his current preoccupations in the form of a parable which is noteworthy for its careful building up of atmosphere and its lively and biting characterisations.

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