Classic Radio's Greatest Detective Shows, Vol. 1

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Год издания: 2019
Серия: The Classic Radio Collection
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This collection contains twelve of the greatest detective shows ever broadcast during the golden age of radio. You'll hear Sydney Greenstreet as Nero Wolfe, Howard Duff as Sam Spade, Tom Conway and Nigel Bruce as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, Dick Powell as Richard Diamond, Edmond O'Brien as Johnny Dollar, and Les Tremayne as Nick Charles, a.k.a. &quote;The Thin Man&quote;-plus many more gumshoes, including Boston Blackie, Philip Marlowe, The Fat Man, and others. With this incredible collection, relive twelve of the best classic radio detective shows from yesterday and the legendary stars who made them great.Contents include:The Adventures of Nero Wolfe, &quote;The Case of the Vanishing Shells,&quote; starring Sydney GreenstreetThe Adventures of Philip Marlowe, &quote;The August Lion,&quote; starring Gerald MohrThe Adventures of Sam Spade Detective, &quote;The Bouncing Betty Caper,&quote; starring Howard DuffThe New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, &quote;The Adventure of the Black Angus,&quote; starring Tom Conway and Nigel BruceBoston Blackie, &quote;Blackie Goes to Jail for Diamond Theft,&quote; starring Dick KollmarCasey, Crime Photographer, &quote;A Death in Lover's Lane,&quote; starring Staats CottsworthThe Falcon, &quote;The Case of the Babbling Brooks,&quote; starring Les DamonThe Fat Man, &quote;The Nightmare Murders,&quote; starring J. Scott SmartLet George Do It, &quote;Journey into Hate,&quote; starring Bob BaileyRichard Diamond, Private Detective, &quote;The Joyce Wallace Case,&quote; starring Dick PowellThe Thin Man, &quote;The Adventure of the Passionate Palooka,&quote; starring Les TremayneYours Truly, Johnny Dollar, &quote;The Earl Chadwick Matter,&quote; starring Edmond O'Brien

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